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Research is an integral part of faculty activity in the CSUN Department of Mathematics. Current areas of active research are listed below.

Bernardo Abrego

My research interest is in Combinatorics, Discrete and Computational Geometry, and Graph Theory.

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Ali Al-Sharadqah

My research interests are: I. Statistics: Errors-In-Varaibles (EIV) Models, Statistical Inference, Geometric Estimation, and Computational Statistics. II The applications of Projective Geometry onto computer vision and 3D reconstructions: Fundamental Matrix and Homography computations and Rotation Matrix Estimation.

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Alexander Alekseenko

My research interest is in Numerical Analysis for Partial Differential Equations, Numerical General Relativity, Inverse Problems, and Optimization.

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Jorge Balbás

My research interest is in Scientific Computing and Numerical Analysis. In particular, I am interested in the design and implementation of efficient numerical algorithms for solving hyperbolic conservation laws and related time dependent problems. Examples and applications include shallow water flows -- channel and coastal flows, gas dynamics, and magnetohydrodynamics.

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Alberto Candel

My research interest is in geometry, low dimensional topology, dynamical systems and ergodic theory.

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Francois Domagni

My research interest spans the field of design and analysis of experiments as well as Bayesian inference on the volatility of the jum-diffusion stochastic process. I work on optimal design theory, saturated and supersaturated design.

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Maria-Rita D'Orsogna

My research interest include particle swarming, transport phenomena in biology, viral entry and mathematical modeling of crime and sociological behavior. I am also an environmental activist.

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Rabia Djellouli

Mathematical and Numerical Aspects of Wave Propagation Phenomena (Scattering & Guidance), System Identification and Finite Element Model Updating, Biomathematics,and Biomedical engineering.

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John Dye

My research interest is in Probability and Applications to Algorithms, Fluid Dynamics, Mathematical Physics.


Kellie Evans

My research interests are secondary teacher preparation, cellular automata and experimental mathematics. I am interested in using interactive and visual approaches to teaching, learning, and studying mathematics at all levels. My goals are to assist undergraduates and prospective and current teachers in leveraging widely available (free) dynamic software to make learning, teaching, and doing math at all levels accessible and equitable so more people can benefit from the certainty of math in our uncertain world.

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Silvia Fernandez

My research work is on Discrete Geometry, Combinatorics, and Graph Theory. In the last few years, I have been particularly interested in optimization problems for finite sets of points in the plane, including for example, the minimum crossing number, the minimum number of directions, and the maximum number of copies of a pattern. I also work with generalizations of this type of problems to topological graphs.

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Terry Fuller

My research interest is in Geometrical Topology, 4-Dimensional Manifolds, and Computational Topology.

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Xiaolong Han

My research interest is in analysis (microlocal, semiclassical, harmonic, geometric, etc.) and its applications to partial differential equations and geometry.

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Meng-Che (Turbo) Ho

My research interest is in Group Theory and Mathematical Logic, with an emphasis on complexity notions with a computability-theoretic or combinatorial flavor in finitely-generated group.

Daniel Katz

My research interest is in Number Theory and Discrete Mathematics, Mostly Concerning Finite Fields, Polynomials, and Character Sums, Often Applicable to Information Theory.

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Jing Li

My research interest is in mathematical modeling of biological phenomena using such mathematical techniques as differential equations (ODE's, PDE's, and DDE's). Recently I have also been applying techniques from game theory to problems from mathematical epidemiology.

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Jason Lo

My research interest is in algebraic geometry.

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Majid Mojirsheibani

My research interest is in Nonparametric estimation and inference; Probabilistic classification and pattern recognition; Missing data; Bootstrap and other resampling methods.

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Michael Neubauer

My research interests include linear algebra, statistical design theory, apportionment theory.

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Vladislav Panferov

My research interest is in applied mathematics, partial differential equations, kinetic theory, statistical physics, and mathematical biology.

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Jacek Polewczak

My research interests in in mathematical problems in the kinetic theory of gases, statistical mechanics of fluids, and chemically reacting fluids.

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Jerry Rosen

My research interests is in Non-commutative Ring Theory.

Mark Schilling

My research interest is in mathematical statistics and probability.

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Carol Shubin

My research interest is in Differential Equations, Inverse spectral theory, Mathematical Physics.

Chad Sprouse

My research interest in in Riemannian Geometry, Geometric Analysis.

Katherine Stevenson

My research interest is in arithmetic geometry and mathematics education. In algebraic geometry, I study inverse Galois problems in the context of function fields of curves defined over fields of positive characteristic. That subject uses techniques from commutative algebra, number theory, group theory, representation theory, and topology. I am also very active in curricular innovations at CSUN and beyond with particular focus on transition points like high school to university or undergraduate to graduate.

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Csaba Tóth

My research interest is in Discrete and Computational Geometry, Graph Theory, and Theoretical Computer Science.

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Emmanuel Yomba

My research interest is in Mathematical Physics. Study of Integrability conditions for Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations (NLPDEs), Qualitative Approaches and Construction of Analytical Approaches for Solving NLPDEs and statistical physics, mathematical biology.

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Adriano Zambom

My main research interests are in nonparametric statistics, regression, hypothesis testing, and variable selection. I am also interested in machine learning methods such as clustering and classification, statistical optimization problems, functional data, and time series.

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