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2021 Mathematics Open House

The Department of Mathematics at California State University, Northridge invites you to join us via Zoom Webinar for a day celebrating mathematics research, education, and career exploration. The event includes faculty and student presentations and alumni panels.

Friday, April 23, 11am-6pm (PDT)

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11 am: Welcome

As chair of the CSUN Mathematics Department, it is my great pleasure to welcome all of you to this special occasion: our annual department open house.

I would especially like to highlight our student research presentations.  These presentations illustrate the many and varied opportunities that the Math Department offers both our undergraduate and graduate students.  Research experience is becoming an increasingly important facet of the scientific training of students, and our department is helping to lead the way so as to prepare our students for 21st century challenges.

I would also like to call your attention to the three afternoon panels made up of several of our former students, who have volunteered to describe how their education at CSUN enhanced their academic and professional careers.  The lion’s share of credit, of course, goes to the students themselves – both our current and former students - but the roles of our talented and dedicated faculty should also not be overlooked.  Two of our faculty will provide an overview of their research activities. You will see that they are working on a broad range of cutting-edge projects.

We hope that you will be able to attend as many sessions as you can throughout the day.  We have an information session where you can ask questions and learn all about our department programs.  If you stop by during the intermission, right after the student research presentations, you can enjoy music provided by a blues band that includes three CSUN mathematicians.

The pandemic imposed some restrictions on our interactions.  It has forced us to take special measures to remain physically separated, and to rely on the internet and innovative technologies to teach and communicate ideas. Thanks to the efforts of our hardworking and extraordinary staff, our department doors have remained open remotely, providing the care and support our students need under these unique circumstances. We hope that this event will bring us together even more to applaud the accomplishments of our students and faculty and to share some of the wonderful opportunities that our department has to offer.

Thank you again for joining us today.  I hope that you find your time here enjoyable and illuminating.

Rabia Djellouli
Department Chair


11:05-11:55 am: Faculty Research Presentations


Jing Li

Associate Professor of Mathematics

Modeling Waning and Boosting of COVID-19 in Canada with Vaccination

Several vaccination policy-making bodies, including the Government of Canada’s National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI), have solicited transmission modeling studies to evaluate possible strategies for allocating vaccines against SARS-CoV-2. Most models of the transmission of SARS-CoV-2 are modifications of a classic model in population biology in which the host population is partitioned into those who are susceptible to infection; infected, but not yet infectious; infectious; and removed from the process to include features of the biology of COVID-19 that might affect transmission (e.g., pre- and asymptomatic infections, hospitalization of some with symptomatic infections, vaccination, mortality, and waning of immunity). We have used a model with some of these features that however emphasizes the waning and boosting of immunity and relationship between immunity when infected and disease to answer some of the questions posed by the NACI. 

David Klein

Professor of Mathematics

Climate Models & the Climate Crisis: An Overview

A brief introduction to the mathematics of climate science and the magnitude of the climate crisis will be given.  Questions about what to expect in the future, and what can be done will also be addressed. 


Faculty Session Chair

Emmanuel Yomba

Professor of Mathematics




12-12:45 pm: Discover CSUN Math: Information Session

Want to learn more about what CSUN Math has to offer? This is the perfect session for prospective students and family members interested in learning more about our undergraduate and graduate programs and department resources. You will hear from those who work closely with students to support them through their journey and have the opportunity to ask questions live.


Natalie Howe
Mathematics Academic

Alberto Candel  

    Mathematics Graduate    
Program Coordinator

Andrea Nemeth
Associate Director of
Mathematics Tutoring Center

Mary Rosen
Associate Chair 



1-2:15 pm: Student Research Presentations



Gulnaz Shalgumbayeva 

BS Candidate in Mathematics - Statistics



Erick Castillo

BS Candidate in Mathematics - Statistics


Statistical Analysis of COVID-19    

Faculty Advisor: Carol Shubin


Julian Corpeno

MS Candidate in Mathematics

Solving a Generalized Gepner Equation for Bridgeland Stability on Elliptic Surfaces

Faculty Advisor: Jason Lo


Inga Girshfeld

MS Candidate in Mathematics - Applied Mathematics

High-Order Wave Tracking Strategy for Solving
High-Frequency Scattering Problems

Faculty Advisor: Rabia Djellouli


Brandon Sripimonwan

MS Candidate in Mathematics

Exploring Local Crossing Numbers of Complete Bipartite Graphs

Faculty Advisor: Silvia Fernandez


Courtney van der Linden

MS in Mathematics - Applied Mathematics, CSUN 2020

Correlation of Golay–Rudin–Shapiro Sequences

Faculty Advisor: Daniel Katz


Student Session Chair

Jason Lo

Assistant Professor of Mathematics


2:15-3 pm: Musical Intermission

Enjoy music by the
Johnny Blue Jay Band


Jerry Rosen
Professor of Mathematics

John Sikora
BA in Pure Mathematics, CSUN 2005
MS in Mathematics, CSUN 2008

Greg Imhoff
MS in Mathematics, CSUN 2013

Sam McAdam

3-3:55 pm: University & Community College Teaching Alumni Panel

Alumni Panelists


Kevin Balas

Instructor of Mathematics
Department of Mathematics
Moorpark College, California

BA in Mathematics – Secondary Teaching, CSUN 2011                               
MS in Mathematics, CSUN 2014


Dr. Bret Holladay

Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Department of Statistics
Cal Poly, SLO, California 

BS in Applied Mathematics, CSUN 2011
MS in Applied Mathematics, CSUN 2014
PhD in Statistics and Applied Probability,
UC Santa Barbara 2019


Melida Paz

Instructor of Mathematics
Department of Mathematics
Bakersfield College, California

BA in Mathematics - Secondary Teaching, CSUN 2016
MS in Mathematics, CSUN 2018                                                                                        


Dr. Azadeh Rafizadeh 

Associate Professor of Mathematics
Department of Mathematics and Data Science
William Jewell College, Missouri

BA in Pure Mathematics, CSUN 2003
MS in Mathematics, UC Riverside 2007
PhD in Mathematics, UC Riverside 2011


Dr. Evan Randles 

Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Colby College, Maine

BA in Mathematics and BS in Physics, CSUN 2010
MS in Applied Mathematics, CSUN 2011
PhD in Applied Mathematics, Cornell University 2016


Yeranuhi Semerdjian

Instructor of Mathematics
Department of Mathematics
Los Angeles Pierce College, California

BS in Astrophysics with Mathematics Minor, CSUN 2006
MS in Mathematics, CSUN 2010

Panel Moderator

Silvia Fernandez

Professor of Mathematics


4-4:55 pm: Secondary Teaching Alumni Panel

Alumni Panelists

Aida Britton

Mathematics Teacher
Louisville High School, 
Woodland Hills                                             

MS in Mathematics, CSUN 2020


Diana Contreras

Mathematics Teacher
Panorama High School and Magnets, Panorama City

BA in Mathematics - Secondary Teaching, CSUN 2018


Helena Dallas

Mathematics Teacher
Sylmar Charter High School, Sylmar

BA in Mathematics - Junior Year Integrated Credential Program, CSUN 2020


Robert Hammell

Mathematics Teacher &
Department Chair

Burbank High School, Burbank

BA in Mathematics - Four Year Integrated Credential Program, CSUN 2008
MA in Secondary Education - Mathematics Education, CSUN 2012


Samantha Maxey

Mathematics Teacher
Castaic Middle School, Castaic

BA in Mathematics - Secondary Teaching with Finance Minor, CSUN 2017


Panel Moderator

Kellie Evans

Professor of Mathematics



5-5:55 pm: Industry Alumni Panel

 Alumni Panelists


Dr. Samuel Fleischer

System Engineer
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

BS in Mathematics, CSUN 2015
PhD in Applied Mathematics, UC Davis 2020 


Sara Fratianne

Senior Business Manager
Microsoft Azure

BS in Applied Mathematics, Loyola Marymount University 2005
MS in Mathematics, CSUN 2007
MBA in Finance, Strategic Management, Managerial and Organizational Behavior, University of Chicago, Booth School of Business 2014 


Pareen Kalia

Senior Data Scientist
Farmers Insurance

BTech in Computer Engineering, NMIMS 2012
MS in Applied Mathematics, CSUN 2017 


Andy Milne

Senior Software Engineer
Walt Disney Animation Studios

BS in Mathematics and BSE in Computer Engineering, University of Michigan 2001
MS in Applied Mathematics, CSUN 2015

Panel Moderator

Mark Schilling

Professor of Mathematics



6 pm: Closing Remarks

Rabia Djellouli
Department Chair