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** Valid Parking Permit Required at All Times **

Important Information About the Upcoming Fall 2021 Semester 

•  All CSUN parking lots and parking structures will be open and operational for Fall 2021. As such, standard parking rates will resume.
•  Employees currently on payroll deduction will automatically renew and will have their previously 50% reduced rate automatically returned to standard rates.
•  Parking permits can be obtained through your CSUN portal or by visiting the Parking Services Office. To enroll in automatic payroll deduction, please visit the Parking Services Office during regular business hours. If you wish to enroll in payroll deduction through email, submit the payroll deduction form no later than August 25th 2021 to . You will receive a confirmation email with more information on how to obtain your permit.
•  Daily parking permits for $8.00 are also available for purchase. Day permits can be purchased at Information Booth 1 (Lindley and Nordhoff) or Information Booth 2 (Prairie and Darby). You may also purchase a day permit at dispensers in all parking structures and in all student lots.
•  Rides to and from the Metrolink Northridge station will resume Fall 2021. Please contact the Parking Services Office for more details by calling 818-677-2157 or by emailing .

Parking Projects Last Year and Moving Forward

 In addition to standard services, over the past year we have implemented several projects designed to streamline your parking experience:

  • Faculty, staff and students are able to purchase annual and semester permits online via the portal, saving you valuable time and resources.

 This year we will focus our efforts on enhancing parking infrastructure though the following projects:

  • The NEW 1500+ space G6 Parking Structure is scheduled to open Fall 2020. Access to the structure is designed to ease congestion and improve traffic flow on the east side of campus.
  • Additional EV charging stations!  Four new EV charging stations will be made available once the new G6 structure opens Fall 2020.
  • Find open parking spaces instantly using the CSUN parking space availability app.

Parking and Transportation Services is committed to serving the CSUN community

Every dollar of parking permit revenue goes directly toward the operation, maintenance, upkeep and expansion of parking and transportation programs and facilities. We encourage CSUN employees to visit the Transportation Program Website to learn about the various commuter programs (transit subsidies for Metro bus, Metrolink train, and AVTA Commuter Express bus) that may be viable options.