Regional Journalism Competition Attracts High School Students

February 12, 2024

man wearing dark clothes speaking in front of group of students
CSUN Journalism senior Rodrigo Hernandez speaks to high school students about the recent student reporting trip to Uvalde, Texas. Content from his presentation was used by students to competing in the news and opinion writing contests.


Students from a dozen local high schools attended the L.A. Regional Journalism Write-Off Competition hosted by CSUN Journalism on Feb. 10. About 70 students competed in News, Novice News, Opinion, Features, Sports and Photo contests to determine who would qualify for the State Competition on April 6. Congratulations to the Sweepstakes winners: Van Nuys High (1st place), El Camino Real Charter High (2nd place) and Daniel Pearl Magnet High (3rd place). Prof. David Blumenkrantz presented on “The Difference Between AI and Real Photography” and Prof. Ruben Keoseyan spoke about “Working in Spanish-Language Journalism” while student entries were being judged by senior CSUN Journalism students. 

Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to everyone who participated.


1. Jenny Marquez (Daniel Pearl Magnet)

2. Vanessa Morales (Daniel Pearl Magnet)

3. Isabel Rose (El Camino Real Charter)

4. Sophie Ortega (Daniel Pearl Magnet)

5. Victoria Jimenez (John F. Kennedy High)

6. Olamide Olumide (Van Nuys High)

7. Celine Wang (Harvard-Westlake)

8. Kyleigh Zvara (El Camino Real Charter)

9. Colin Ho (Harvard-Westlake)

10. Sofia Guerra (John F. Kennedy High)



1. Dana Injan (North Hollywood High)

2. Skylie Molina (Van Nuys High)

3. Delmis Vaquerano (Van Nuys High)

4. Chloe Kim (Harvard-Westlake)

5. Emmeline Chan (Harvard-Westlake)

6. Siyana Da'briel (Alexander Hamilton High)

7. Julie Vasquez (Alexander Hamilton High)

8. Maya Diaz (Van Nuys High)



1. Riya Iyer (Harvard-Westlake)

2. Sydney Keane (El Camino Real Charter)

3. June Peers (Granada Hills Charter)

4. Daimler Koch (Van Nuys High)

5. Abigail Kim (Van Nuys High)

6. Satenik Ayrapetyan (Daniel Pearl Magnet)

7. Sophie Apolaya Diaz (El Camino Real Charter)

8. Oliva Munoz (Northridge Academy)

9. Lilit Aprahamian (Van Nuys High)

10. Marley Herndon (Alexander Hamilton High)



1. Alia Galvan (Daniel Pearl Magnet)

2. Ambrielle Ayllon (Alexander Hamilton High)

3. James Reid (John Burroughs High)

4. Kaley Samiian (El Camino Real Charter)

5. Angelina Gevorgyan (Van Nuys High)

6. Antonio Martinez (John F. Kennedy High)

7. T.J. Brunelle (Alexander Hamilton High)

8. Lucina Pineda (John F. Kennedy High)

9. Jenna Espinoza (El Camino Real Charter)

10. Jazmine Valerio (Daniel Pearl Magnet)



1. Coleton Rice (El Camino Real Charter)

2. Julian Bayan (Granada Hills Charter)

3. Enzo Mendoza (John F. Kennedy High)

4. James Ajin (Hollywood High)

5. Jaden Gervacio (Van Nuys High)

6. Isabel Valles (Van Nuys High)

7. Kasey Lee (El Camino Real Charter)



1. Christopher Monterrosa (Van Nuys High)

2. Rebecca Margolin (El Camino Real Charter)

3. Eliza Lotterstein (El Camino Real Charter)

4. Serena Elkins (Daniel Pearl Magnet)