May 22, 2020

The CSUN Journalism Department has named 16 recipients of this year’s Scholarships and Awards. These honors normally are revealed during our annual Awards Reception and Kappa Tau Alpha Honor Society, which was postponed by the campus coronavirus closure.

While the Pandemic changed plans for publicly recognizing our students’ achievements, the accomplishments are no less important. So we acknowledge them here and on our social media channels.

“The Journalism faculty and staff hope these funds remove some of the recipients’ financial stress, especially during this extraordinary and challenging time,” said Linda Bowen, Department chair. “In addition, we are deeply grateful to our many donors, who make these scholarships possible for our students every year, and to the hard work of the faculty Scholarship Committee.”

This year’s competition drew a record 81 applicants for 11 different scholarships and awards, ranging from the $14,000 Flip Wilson Memorial Scholarships to the new $4,000 scholarships honoring the best portfolio of work submitted by student journalists. It’s named for Tony Ross, an aspiring student who passed away in 1979.

The undergraduate and graduate student winners of Journalism’s 2020 Scholarships and Awards:

The Flip Wilson Memorial Scholarship

  • Sammy Fernandes

Tony Ross Memorial Scholarship

  • Andrea Esparza
  • Kimberly Garcia
  • Shae Hammond

Keith Goldstein Memorial Scholarship

  • Natalie Miranda

Manley Witten Memorial Scholarship

  • Logan Bik

Tom Reilly Student Journalism Enterprise Fund

  • Cherry Lai
  • Orlando Mayorquin

National Notary Association Scholarship

  • Michelle De Leon
  • Margot Rowe

Lisa Endig Journalism Scholarship

  • Beatriz Barros 

Mass Communication Graduate Student Portfolio Award

  • Jennifer Castle

Lynne M. Doll Memorial Scholarship

  • Brittany Daley

Journalism Alumni Association Scholarship

  • Michelle De Leon
  • Sammy Fernandes

Roy S. Akers Journalism Scholarship

  • Danielle Tranter