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CSUN Publications

Our staff shares information about events through a variety of CSUN publications.

CSUN Today

This dedicated site contains the latest CSUN news, information, press releases, features and coverage of campus events that are published throughout the year. These stories highlight CSUN's outstanding achievements among the student body, faculty, alumni and partners of the university.

CSUN Weekly

This is an e-newsletter that is published every Tuesday during the academic calendar year. It features several of the top CSUN stories, upcoming events, important information and highlights of CSUN in the news. There are three different versions of CSUN Weekly, targeting alumni, students and faculty and staff.

CSUN Magazine

The official printed publication for the university is published once per semester, highlighting outstanding alumni and student and faculty achievements. The Alumni Notes are among the most popular features, showing quick snippets of alumni from every decade.

Our team covers stories for campus entities at no charge, but due to limited resources, we must prioritize projects that meet the following criteria:

  • Projects with significant potential to advance the brand and reputation of CSUN
  • Projects requiring an exceptionally high level of professionalism due to the nature of the event and/or audience
  • Projects with significant potential to advance fundraising or alumni pride on a broad scale
  • Projects with significant prominence among audiences external to the university

In general, we are not able to accommodate:

  • Projects aimed at a primarily internal (faculty, staff and student) audience
  • Projects whose communication goals can be achieved through the use of existing channels (i.e. websites, social media and/or departmental staff resources)

Submitting content

For Your Information: This is an online column that features announcements of events, public meetings, notices, classes and deadlines of interest to faculty and staff. It is posted biweekly during the academic year. Contact Shanté Morgan, editor/writer, at (818) 677-6288 or .

Share a story or event:

Faculty and staff news: Contact Jacob Bennett, editor/writer, at (818) 677-7459 or . CSUN Today: Send an email to .