Marketing and Communications

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Marketing and Communications

CSUN Marketing and Communications is a full-service creative team that highlights the student, faculty and alumni success stories that make the university one of the country’s leading academic institutions. 

Our team of creative professionals has two key roles:

1.  To assist community members and media representatives who need news and information.

2.  To help CSUN students, faculty and staff tell their stories to the world.  

Below, we highlight some of the key services provided by the Marketing and Communications team.

Media Relations:

Our professional communicators work with all media, including on-campus publications, local, state, national and international press. Our staff issues media releases, assists with media events and handles all the university’s strategic communications. Our office also maintains a list of faculty experts who can provide informed comments on timely topics. Click here for more information. 

Emergency Communications: 

Our emergency communications systems are used to immediately notify the campus community of significant emergency or dangerous situations involving an immediate threat to the health or safety or students, staff or faculty. We will use a variety of channels to tell you what you need to know and what you need to do to be safe. Click here for more information.


We developed CSUN’s Identity Platform, which provides messaging and graphic standards that enable CSUN’s many departments and organizations to tell their stories in a united voice. This strengthens the impact of our messaging and leaves a lasting visual impression. View our Identity Guidelines here

Integrated Marketing and Communication: 

Marketing and Communications can provide creative marketing collateral for the university’s colleges, departments and programs that integrates with CSUN’s overall marketing strategy. Let us help you think it through — from message strategy, to aesthetic and design. We offer a full-service integrated marketing communications model to help campus partners meet their objectives. Click here for more information.

Multimedia Development: 

CSUN’s team of skilled professionals are available to lend their talents and expertise for Web Development, Social Media, and Photography.

Web Development:

We work with campus partners to help ensure that online and email messaging is effective and consistent with university guidelines. We can assist with Web-One site and page development, analytics and search engine optimization.

Social Media:

We can help campus partners with their own social media accounts through consultation services for page management, content development and campaign creation. Photography. Our skilled photographers cover campus news, staff/faculty stories of interest, significant campus-wide events and other image needs of the university. We also take faculty and staff portraits, and university publication and media-related photos.


For a full list of CSUN Marketing & Communications services, click here