Marilyn Magaram Center

Thrive with Diabetes

August 10, 2020

Madeleine Hoeks, BS, RD

Our program has been recently accredited and recognized by the American Diabetes Association and our team consists of several health professionals including Annette Besnilian, EdD, MPH, RDN, CLE, FAND, Karmen Ovsepyan, MS, RDN, Madeleine Hoeks, MS, RDN, Kathleen Wall, RDN, CDE, Alain Karaguezian, MD, and April Diederich, RDN.  The program has been previously implemented at CSUN and One Generation Senior Enrichment Center and was offered virtually for the summer session. The Marilyn Magaram Center is striving to increase the times that the program will be implemented throughout the year to continue to meet the needs of individuals with diabetes.  We are also planning on providing the program in Spanish and other languages.