Marilyn Magaram Center

Student Internship Ceremony and Staff Celebration

May 26, 2020

The Marilyn Magaram Center hosted our first-ever virtual internship ceremony, student appreciation, and staff celebration on Tuesday, May 19th! It was exciting to celebrate our students and their accomplishments in the midst of this challenging time, and we extend our utmost appreciation to all the individuals who have contributed to the MMC this past year.  

We would also like to recognize our student leaders for another productive and successful year! (See list below). Congratulations to the Class of 2020 celebrants, Joe Choe, Eirenel EcleviaLihua Ma, Melena Washington, and Frida Endinjok. In addition, Laura Horwitz and Lihua Ma were admitted to the CSUN Dietetic Internship and we send them our best wishes for their exciting journey ahead! 

Let’s Grow Healthy 
Leaders: Frida Endinjok, Kelly Rodriguez, Sophia Rosales, Natalie ShweiriLihuaMa, Susana Corona, Andreas George 
Interns: Elizabeth Perez, Aneli Torres, Gabriella Flores, Briseyda Nunez, Alondra Valdez  Nicholas Kasdjono, Hannah Ward, Kiho Hirayama 

CalFresh Healthy Living 
Leaders: Viridiana Ortiz, Brenda Gutierrez, Kelly Rodriguez 
Interns: Kellie Fernandez  

Nutrition Justice 
Leaders: Jada Cantrell, Briana Caban 
Interns: Tina Izakelian, Megan Galantai, Tamara Harutunyam, Janet Korotoki  

Child Nutrition 
Leaders: Briana Caban, Kimberly Poquiz 
Interns: Claudia Miranda, Christina Castro, Jhyre Alvarado, Chloe Hartounian, Jesenia Martinez, Miranda Isaman, Lori Minaskanian 

Social Media & Marketing 
Leader: Amy Contreras 
Interns: Stephanie Reyes 

Sports Nutrition at Fueling Stations 
Leader: Connor Spencer 
Interns: Lori Minaskanian, Anush Mkrtchyan, Andreas Gonzales Rodriguez, Nicolette Culver, Yamilet Cruz, John ElepanoTianrung Scherer 

Food Science 
Leaders: Julie Miller, Melena Washington, Jesus Gonzalez 
Interns: Andrea Gonzales Rodriguez, Ali Rahman, Ashley Medina, Kimberly Aparicio Roman 

Culinary Internship 
Leaders: Chef Harold Avila, Julie Miller, April Diederich 
Interns: Ashley Comeau 

Health Assess 
Leaders: Fernando Gonzalez, Kimberly Poquiz 
Interns: Olivia Cella, Karina Valera, Diana Aguirre, Tianrung Scherer 

Community Educators 
Leaders: Fernando Gonzalez, Laura Horwitz 
Interns: Jamie Yap, Sooyeon Kim, Miranda Isaman, Jasmine Martinez, Meredith Switalski