Marilyn Magaram Center

The Matador Marmalade

December 1, 2016

By: Julie Jordan


The Marilyn Magaram Center (MMC) is pleased to present the Matador Marmalade to the CSUN community. Matador Marmalade was created out of the idea that a product made by the students, for the students, which could generate school spirit and add to the university's great legacy.

Guided by the vision and leadership of past and present MMC staff, the Matador Marmalade became a reality. Matador Marmalade is entirely student produced from recipe trials to the label design. Beginning this summer, MMC Food Science and Nutrition Interns have been working on a low sugar option of the marmalade. Students created over 10 low sugar recipe prototypes, generated a nutrition facts label using the most current nutrition labeling software program Genesis for each recipe, conducted various lab tests to measure each recipe’s characteristics for quality assurance controls, and evaluated likability using Compusense sensory evaluation software. By the end of fall semester, MMC Interns had chosen their best recipe and are looking forward to concluding the testing and beginning to market their product to the CSUN community.

Not only will Matador Marmalade sweeten up student morale, but it will support CSUN's efforts to move closer towards a sustainable campus by sourcing locally. We hope that you enjoy a taste of what our students are cooking up at the Marilyn Magaram Center, Family and Consumer Sciences, Health and Human Development Department.