Religious Studies

Double Major

Double Major in Religious Studies (with RS as the second major)

church columnsConsidering a Double Major in Religious Studies? Great choice! Religious Studies covers a wide range of fascinating courses on religions and religious phenomena from around the world that complement other majors. The major in Religious Studies is also recognized by Graduate Schools and many major businesses as well suited for advanced studies and international business relations. RS provides the necessary critical thinking skills for all fields of research--including medical school--and equips majors for jobs requiring sensitivity for multi-cultural transactions and dialog.

The double major in Religious Studies provides an intercultural and multi-disciplinary liberal arts education and compliments many majors and facilitates understanding and knowledge of different cultures.

 A major in Religious studies also improves ones reading, writing, discussion, and analytical skills.

Units earned in the double major are applicable towards General Education Credit including 3 units of Title V requirements and Critical Reasoning (G.E.: A2).

The Double Major in Religious Studies consists of 36 units with 3 units in Lower Division, 24 units in core courses, and only 9 units of electives in order to obtain a B.A. in Religious Studies.

Current requirements for a double major in Religious Studies

The Double Major in Religious Studies requires a total of 36 units:  

  • 3 units in lower division and 33 units in upper division, 9 of which are electives.

Lower Division  (3 units)

  • Select one course from the following:  RS 100, 101, 150, 240.

Upper Division (33 units)

A. Required Junior Level Course

  • RS 395 Theory and Method in Religious Studies   3 units

B.  Religion in the United States   6 units

  • Select two courses from the following:  RS 305, 306, 307, 308, 378

C. Religious Traditions  9 units

  • Select three courses from the following:  JS 300, RS 345, 365, 380, 385, 390, 426

D.  Sacred Texts of the World   3 units 

  • Select one course from the following:  RS 320, 325, 327, 375, 383, 384          

E.  Upper Division Electives   9 units

  • Choose from any upper division RS courses.  A Topics in Religion course (RS 396A-Z)  may be substituted.

F.  Tutorial     3 units

  • RS 497B (offered in spring semesters only)

Consult with the department’s academic advisor for substitutions.