Religious Studies

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Bachelor of Arts Degree

Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies

Japanese shrineThe Religious Studies major is designed to provide a liberal arts education with an emphasis upon Religious Studies phenomena. The major provides an excellent basis from which to pursue careers requiring imagination, problem solving, communication skills, and awareness of human diversity. The major provides, a broad background for advanced work in professional and social fields, and preparation for graduate work in Religious Studies and related disciplines.

The department encourages students to draw upon a variety of fields and disciplines for their study of religion, including Anthropology, African-American Studies, Psychology, Sociology, Art and Literature. This interdisciplinary and multi-cultural aspect makes religious studies an excellent field for a general liberal arts education.

Skills gained in the Religious Studies major or minor are applicable to many other areas in the academic, business, and professional spheres, and Religious Studies majors have pursued careers in government, business, education, communications, human services, and law.

Our classes are scheduled for late afternoon and evening to allow for completion of the major for working students.

Classes are offering during Fall, Spring, and Summer.

Current requirements for the Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies

The major in Religious Studies consists of 42 units: 6 units of lower division, and 36 units of upper division courses concentrated in 5 core areas.

Lower Division (6 units) 

  • RS 100 Introduction to Religious Studies
  • RS 101 The Bible
  • RS 150 World Religions
  • RS 240 Approaches to the History of Religion

Upper Division (36 units)

  • Theory and Method in Religious Studies ( 3 units)
  • Religion in the United States (6 units)
  • Religious Traditions ( 9 units)
  • Sacred Texts of the World (3 units)
  • Upper Division Electives (12 units)

RS 497B (Proseminar) is required for all majors and is offered in the spring semester only. ( 3 units)

Total units for the B.A. in Religious Studies - 42 units

Total units for General Education - 48 units

Religious Studies Major Worksheet for Graduation (.doc)