Daniela Dover Philosophy Presentation

Wednesday, October 25, 2017 - 4:00am to 6:00am

Sierra Tower 503

Daniela Dover (UCLA) will give a presentation entitled "Interpersonal Inquiry" on October 25, 2017 from 4-6pm in Sierra Tower 503.This event is free and open to all faculty and students. Below you will find an abstract of her presentation.

“How should we go about trying to understand one another? I’ll approach this question from an ethical point of view, arguing that conversations in which both parties aim to understand one another go best when participants adopt an attitude that I call “taking one another seriously,” in which neither participant treats either her own self-understanding, or her understanding of the other, as having privileged authority. This requires participants to abandon their claims to what Rahel Jaeggi calls “interpretive sovereignty”—the ethical demand that others treat me as my own best interpreter. I go on to ask what this shift might mean for our thinking about love and about the nature of the self.”