Pathways to the Professoriate

HSI Pathways/Mellon Student Fellows

Shawntel Barreiro

Shawntel BarreiroIntended PhD: Linguistics

CSUN Majors: Chicana/o Studies and Linguistics
CSUN Minor: Geography
Research Interests: Sociolinguistics, Central American diaspora, identity
Research Project: "Salvadoran-disaporic Communities and Dialect Convergence with Other Spanish-speaking Communities"
Faculty Mentor: David Medeiros, Linguistics

Elizabeth Calzada

Elizabeth CalzadaIntended PhD: Ancient History
CSUN Major: History
Research Interests: Ancient Greece and Rome, women in Greek tragedies
Research Project: “Euripidean Tragedy: The stage for democracy and patriarchy”
Faculty Mentor: John Paul Nuño, History

Jared Diaz

Jared DiazIntended PhD: East Asian Religious Studies
CSUN Majors: Linguistics and Religious Studies
CSUN Minor: Anthropology
Research Interests: Chinese Religions-- Taoism and Buddhism
Faculty Mentor: Xochitl Alvizo, Religious Studies

Gema Ludisaca

Gema LudisacaIntended PhD: English Literature
CSUN Major: English
Research Interests: Children's literature, the gothic novel, and literature of the 19th century
Faculty Mentor: Jackie Stallcup, English

Carla Martinez

Carla MartinezIntended PhD: Ethnic Studies
CSUN Major: Deaf Studies
Research Interests: Undocumented students, Latinx students, critical race theory, and Deaf students
Research Project: "Deaf Nepantla: The experiences of Deaf Latinxs in Higher Education"
Faculty Mentor: Tracy Buenavista, Asian American Studies

Brian Mercado

Brian MercadoIntended PhD: Sociology
CSUN Major: Sociology
Research Interests: Criminalization and alienation of early adolescent Latinos within the education system, Critical Race Theory, Disillusionment and anomie theories
Research Project:"High School Administrators' Perceptions of the Strengths of and Barriers for Low-income Students of Color with Behavioral, Emotional, and Educational Challenges"
Faculty Mentor: Moshoula Capous-Desyllas, Sociology

Yaquelin Morales

Yaquelin MoralesIntended PhD: Sociology
CSUN Major: Sociology
CSUN Minor: Urban Studies
Research Interests: Urban design and education, social dynamics within communities of color, critical race theory
Research Project: “Chigona Fire: A case study on the organization of a Latina-led poetry collective in a gentrifying Los Angeles”
Faculty Mentor: Frances Gateward, CTVA

Kiara Padilla

Kiara PadillaIntended PhD: Ethnic Studies
CSUN Majors: Chicana/o Studies and Psychology
Faculty Mentor: Martha Escobar, Chicana/o Studies

Hermes Rocha

Hermes RochaIntended PhD: Philosophy
CSUN Majors: Philosophy and Religious Studies
Research Interests: Latin American political philosophy and the independence movements of Latin America
Research Project: “Latin American Philosophy: An initial inquiry of political ramifications of its identity”
Faculty Mentor: Linda Alvarez, Central American Studies

Eryn Talevich

Eryn TalevichIntended PhD: Anthropology/Folklore
CSUN Major: Anthropology
CSUN Minor: Queer Studies
Research Interests: Textiles and identity, gender performance, women and work, semiotics of clothing and traditional techniques, folk costume and drag
Research Project: “Beatrice Wood: Intersections of dress and identity”
Faculty Mentor: Mario Ontiveros, Art