Central American Studies

Learning Outcomes

The Department of Central American Studies offers these options: the Standard Major, the Double Major, and the Minor.

CAS group photo of class

Student Learning Outcomes

The Department of Central American Studies has identified five learning outcomes:

  1. Students will develop critical thinking, writing, and reading skills.
  2. Students will acquire an awareness of the complexity of the historical, social, and cultural developments in Central America as well as an understanding of the diverse Central American cultures, ethnicities, experiences, and worldviews.
  3. Students will expand their understanding of the transnational Central American community’s experience, and its economic and cultural contributions to the US and Central America.
  4. Students will develop the intellectual and social foundations, and leadership skills necessary for promoting social change in US society, especially, in relation to Central American peoples in the US.
  5. Students will recognize, understand, evaluate, and change the culture of exclusion that has been prevalent in Central America and the US.