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Scholarships in Communication Disorders & Sciences

Helen Sherman-Wade Endowed Scholarship

lily bagumyanScholar: Lilit (Lily) Bagumyan

Year Awarded: 2015

Major: Speech-Language Pathology

Lily Says: “I would like to thank Helen Wade for her kind heart and financial support which allowed me to be one step closer towards my educational goals.”

Career Aspiration: Lily said she chose the program at CSUN because it is one of the best in southern California and because of the comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic services offered through the Language, Speech and Hearing Center. In the program Lily has gained experience working with a diverse patient population, which has helped her to become a more competent clinician. After graduation, she is eager to start working in the field with the adult neurogenic population, especially individuals with aphasia (a communication disorder that can cause difficulties in speaking, listening, reading, and writing). Lily would also like to bring more awareness to the profession and its scope of practice; she is excited about the future and the lives that she will change as she helps others to find their voice.

About the Scholarship: An instructor at CSUN for over 25 years, Helen Sherman-Wade remains active within the university through activities with the Department of Communication Disorders and Sciences, the Language, Speech and Hearing Center and the alumni chapter.  She established this scholarship to support graduate students who have decided to further their education after already serving as speech-pathologists. It is also available to students who can clearly describe how a future as a speech-pathologist would impact their lives.

Mediscan Scholarship

Scholar: Ellen Shchur
Year Awarded: 2015
Major: Speech-Language Pathology

About the Scholarship: Mediscan Staffing Services is a provider of highly qualified professionals to schools and healthcare facilities throughout the country. The company believes that investing in higher education is the key to a satisfying and successful career. Mediscan created this scholarship in an effort to encourage high-caliber education and top-notch career opportunities to students in the Communication Disorders and Sciences Department. The scholarship is available to current students who plan to work as speech language pathologists upon graduation.


Ruth Lindeck Forman & Lee Forman Scholarship

Scholar: Sheelah Peterson
Year Awarded: 2015
Major: Speech-Language Pathology  

About the Scholarship: Ruth Lindeck Forman is a Speech Language Pathologist and Speech Communication Specialist who received her master's degree from CSUN.  She works to improve personal and cross-cultural communication and race relations through consulting, lecturing and writing. A desire to help students complete their degree programs in the department of Communication Disorders and Sciences led Ruth and her husband Lee to establish this scholarship endowment. They consider the gift a tribute to the department and to the education Ruth received at CSUN.

Ruth Rothman Scholarship

kent melendezScholar: Kent Melendez

Year Awarded: 2015

Major: Speech Pathology

Kent Says: “If I had the chance to speak to Ms. Rothman I would say that it is an honor to be the recipient of her scholarship and I will continue [to] help children with communication impairments. CSUN is proud to have had such a remarkable and contributing member of society.”

Career Aspiration: As a student clinician Kent found a passion in helping individuals who are in need of augmentative alternative communication devices.  He would like to advise families and help them utilize alternative means of communication if they have children with verbal communication difficulties.  He wants people to know there are other ways to communicate and show the client that they have the power to communicate through devices and innovative technology. 


kelly ryan ibanezScholar: Kelly Ryan Ibanez

Major: Speech Pathology

Year Awarded: 2015

Kelly Says: “I wish that I could tell Ruth Rothman that her contribution made a significant difference in my life as a young professional entering the field that she worked in. The scholarship allowed me to focus more time preparing for my career and less time worrying about finances. It would be great if all students had a benefactor that could support their studies. I definitely want to pay it forward and one day provide a scholarship to students because of my experience with this scholarship.”

Career Aspiration: Kelly has been an active member of the CSUN community during her time as a student. She serves as the president of the National Student Speech Language Hearing Association Chapter at CSUN and says that the access to alumni and networking are the main reasons she chose the graduate program here. This access to successful alumni and networking ultimately led to her finding her clinical fellowship at the UCLA Early Child Partial Hospitalization Program in the Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital that she will begin upon graduating. She is currently completing her medical externship at Resnick Neuropsychiatric as her final clinical course, once she begins her clinical fellowship she will provide speech therapy to young children who have autism and other neurological impairments. Learn more about Ruth Rothman and Kelly’s appreciation for her by watching this video.   

About the Scholarship: The late Ruth Rothman came from Russia with her family and learned from her parents at a young age the importance of helping others. At age 46, she began her education at CSUN, earning her bachelors in 1973 and then her masters in 1977, both in speech and communication disorders. Ruth created this scholarship for hardworking students who want to become teachers or therapists dedicated to helping children with communication difficulties. 

The Ruth Harris Award for Clinical Excellence


Jessica Kwan
Year Awarded: 2015
Major: Speech-Language Pathology

Leslie Mulvehill
Year Awarded: 2015
Major: Speech Language Pathology

About the Scholarship: Ruth Harris was the first full-time coordinator of the Language, Speech, and Hearing Center. Her career in the Department of Communication Disorders and Sciences spanned nearly 30 years, and although she is now retired, she engages with the university as a volunteer and donor. Ruth established this award to help support a graduate student who has demonstrated strength in collaboration with fellow students, supervisors and other professionals.  Award recipients are exemplar of effective and culturally sensitive communication and treatment–the hallmark of the field of speech pathology and audiology.