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Ruth Lindeck Forman: Bridging Cultures through Communication

Dr. Steve Sinclair, Ruth Forman and Lee Forman

Speech and Communication Specialist Ruth Lindeck Forman and her husband Lee Forman live about half the year in Los Angeles and the other half in what must seem a world away, Nevis, West Indies. Ruth bridges the two worlds with her professional focus: She is a writer, lecturer and speech therapist specializing in personal and multicultural communication.

It’s been over thirty years since Ruth earned her Master’s Degree in Communication Disorders and Sciences at CSUN. She is intimate with the scientific knowledge required to teach people to speak again after stroke or injury, and she understands the intricacies of collaboration that allow a small community to thrive. With a sincere appreciation for the ways caring communication can bridge diversity, Ruth founded Communication Enhancement Press and Communication Enhancement, Inc. the latter of which she is also director.

This year, Ruth came back to CSUN with a gift for the students. The Ruth Lindeck Forman and Lee Forman Scholarship Endowment at Cal State Northridge was born out of Ruth’s desire to help students in the Department of Communication Disorders and Sciences complete their studies. “This gift truly comes from our hearts,” Ruth said to Dean Sylvia Alva of the College of Health and Human Development as they met on campus with a group of faculty and students. Ruth said the endowment is, “a tribute to the department and to the education I received thirty years ago when I received my Master of Arts Degree at CSUN.”

Steve Sinclair, Ruth Forman and Sylvia Alva

Ruth believes people feel more comfortable and confident in new environments as they experience improved pronunciation, communication skills, and understanding of communication styles. She founded the organization Communication Enhancement in 1985 to specialize in interpersonal and multicultural communication. Through her work with people from over thirty five cultures, she says she has, “found some of the most rewarding and enlightening experiences of my life.”

Ruth looks back with fondness on the early stages of her professional education at CSUN. Naming Drs. Philip Reid, Elaine Hannah, Roland Reeve, Wayne Hanson, Jim Egbert and Ed Hall, Ruth says she remembers the ways her professors created a, “respectful and comfortable environment where learning took place, ideas and dialog flourished.” She says the strong impressions made by the faculty back in the sixties still linger.

So, Ruth says when she thinks about the students who receive the Scholarship Endowment, she hopes they find it easier to create their path through their studies so they can go on to teach, inspire and help people bridge cultures through authentic communication. She adds, “Hopefully, this endowment will also serve as an inspiration and an example for other alumni to follow.”

Ruth Lindeck Forman, M.A. works to improve personal and cross-cultural communication and race relations through consulting, lecturing and writing. She has performed radio, TV and newspaper interviews in the US and West Indies and has had over 45 articles published. She has presented seminars, written corresponding articles, and is author of the book, Communication Is Connection. Ruth has presented at the American-Speech-Language-Hearing Association Annual Convention and at the Society for Human Resource Management 7th Annual Diversity Conference. More at:

-Jean O'Sullivan