KIN CSUN Students Scored High on SWACSM Jeopardy

November 8, 2018

Jeopardy SWACSM
Students and faculty from left to right by name: Angelica Alberto, Dr. William Whiting, Aram Bebekyan, Jacob Maniti, Jonathan Price, Christopher Lee, Scott Amiss, Michael Eastburn


Amidst the chaos of midterms and other KIN related obligations, my colleagues and I took up the opportunity to represent CSUN at this year’s Southwest American College of Sports Medicine Conference College Bowl in Costa Mesa, where the winning team had the chance of representing the Southwest regional chapter at the National ACSM Quiz Bowl in Florida. In a Jeopardy-like format, tested content included subjects ranging from basic science, human and exercise physiology, biomechanics, anatomy, nutrition, exercise testing and prescription, and many other relevant areas within the basic sciences. Personally, I want to thank Dr. Loy and our dear colleague, Lucia Muro for their recruitment efforts geared toward creating two CSUN teams to represent.

 “Joining the jeopardy team turned out to be an amazing and exciting experience my colleagues and I shared. Being surrounded by like-minded individuals who share common values and passions truly made the preparation and event so much more memorable. This experience also provided us with the priceless tools of professionalism and networking opportunities with not only each other but also with the many professors and colleagues who attended the annual conference. Feeling the adrenaline rush of recalling past concepts we learned from our past exercise physiology and biomechanics classes couldn’t feel any more exciting and nerve-wracking – especially when those professors were there watching! Although we came in 2nd and 3rd place, I wouldn’t give this opportunity up for the world.  It was an honor to represent CSUN Kinesiology with my fellow colleagues.” -Angelica Alberto

Additional quotes from colleagues:

"Going to the SWACSM was one of the most valuable experiences I have experienced because we got to show other universities what a great Kinesiology program we have. I want to thank all the professors and my teammates for helping me prepare. Without you guys, this wouldn’t have been possible." -Aram Bebekyan (Team 1)

"Having the opportunity to represent CSUN at the SWACSM was an amazing experience. Being able to compete with the knowledge we've learned from our amazing professors in the kinesiology department was rewarding. CSUN brought the brains and the gains." -Jonathan Price (Team 1)

"Thank you to all professors of the kinesiology department who prepared us for success. Representing the department was a great honor and I would like to specifically thank Dr. Nicoll for helping me prepare my first poster presentation. We'll come back next year for the gold." -Christopher Lee (Team 2)

"Representing Csun and being a part of the jeopardy team was a great opportunity and learning experience. Our results at the SWACSM jeopardy bowl are a reflection of our wonderful program and the hardworking students that made up the team. I hope we can take first place next year!" -Michael Eastburn (Team 2)