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Welcome to the web pages of the College of Engineering and Computer Science at California State University, Northridge! The college has a proud history spanning over five and a half decades since its inception in the mid 1950's. The spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship that is evident in our programs has been a defining characteristic of our college over the years. We sustain an infrastructure that fosters academic excellence and ensures that graduates from our program are of the highest quality and sought after by industry. We know that it is important to reach out to students early in their careers, and work closely with local community colleges to strengthen the pipeline and provide access to a broad and diverse student pool.

Students in our college have access to a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs through our five departments: Civil Engineering and Construction Management, Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Manufacturing Systems Engineering and Management, and Mechanical Engineering. Our programs are geared to provide an ideal blend of theory with hands-on experience for our students. This is evident in our laboratories, workshops, senior design projects, and research activities. Other innovative programs like our Honors Co-Op program and Design Clinics empower our students with a sense of entrepreneurship and leadership and prepare them for the challenges ahead.

Our students receive a broad education that includes a relevant GE component, excellent problem solving and communication skills, and the ability to work in cross-disciplinary teams in a global economy. Their success manifests itself through their achievements in various regional and national competitions. Student teams from our college have earned recognition and won prizes in a variety of events and competitions including the Formula Car (SAE), Micromouse (IEEE), Steel Bridge (ASCE), and various computer security competitions. In 2017, CSUN placed first overall at the ASME Human Powered Vehicle Challenge for the second year in a row, and received the grand prize at SMI Manufacturing Challenge and Exposition for the third year in a row.

One of the main reasons for our ongoing success is our outstanding faculty and staff. They are the heart and soul of our programs and have a deep and enduring commitment to our students' education and learning experiences. They successfully transcend disciplinary boundaries with a progressive and proactive mindset which is focused on providing our students with an outstanding educational experience. The shared values of our college are exemplified in Centers such as the new Ernie Schaeffer Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and the Center for Energy Research that emphasize education and applied research in a broad community that networks and unifies key stake holders.

Major challenges in the fields of biotechnology, energy, transportation, health care and communications lie ahead. Our college has unique capabilities and resources to address these emerging challenges. I invite you to join us in these exciting endeavors.

H. Johari

Interim Dean