New CSUN Portal

CSUN Portal - Employee View

The new CSUN Portal incorporates new technologies and the same modern design of the new campus web site. The CSUN Portal uses the same technology that powers CSUN's Mobile App, which will bring new kinds of interactivity and experiences. 

Phase 1 includes launching the new CSUN Portal design, including content most faculty and staff use frequently. This will allow users to do most of the things they are used to doing in the myNorthridge Portal. The myNorthridge Portal will still be accessible through the fall semester to ensure that all functionality remains available. 

The new CSUN Portal includes faculty specific content under the employee view. Anyone with a faculty role will see faculty specific content along with employee content. 

How Do I Access the CSUN Portal?

The new CSUN web presence has improved access to the services you use the most. 

  1. From the new CSUN web page, no matter what page you are on, select MyCSUN in the main navigation. 
  2. Select the link for the CSUN Portal. It has a new name but provides access to all the services you use to access in the myNorthridge portal. 

The new CSUN Portal.

Sample Menus

The Employee Portal View

The employee portal view includes your most used tools and services and are featured at the top of your portal's main page, and to the right. For a short while, the classic version of the myNorthridge portal will be available in the center pane. The items pertaining strictly to faculty will only be visible to those with an official faculty role. 

Campus Operations

Campus Operations includes items such as a link to calendars, the campus directory, etc. 

Campus Operations menu.


Faculty include links to the Library, and the Academic Calendar but will also include additional menu items if the user has a faculty role

Faculty menu.

Financial Services

Financial Services includes links to commonly used finance modules and forms such as SOLAR Financials, Chargeback, Requisitions, etc. 

Financial Services menu.


Human Resources includes links to SOLAR, Time and Attendance, Benefits and more. 

HR menu.

Common Tasks:

  • To access SOLAR as an employee, select Human Resources > SOLAR Employee. Log in with your CSUN user ID and password. 
  • To access the Time & Attendance module, select the Human Resources drop down menu, then Time & Attendance and log in if needed with your CSUN user ID and password. 
  • To view available forms, select Human Resources > Forms & Policies


Student Admin

Student Admin includes shortcuts for IT Help, Information Security and training and other tools and resources. 

Student Admin menu.

Common Tasks:

To access IT Help services such as Application Access Request & Approve, Multi-Factor Self-Enrollment or Change My Password, select Student Admin > It Help

To access the Academic Technology page, select the Student Admin drop down menu, Tools and Resources > Academic Technology.

My Menu

My Menu allows you to customize your view by adding specific menu items. These can be the ones you use the most frequently or just ones you'd like to try out. 

My Menu.

By selecting Add items to my menu, a user can add items like the ones pictured below. 

My Menu add items.

Shortcuts to Common Tasks

The new CSUN portal has been designed to showcase your most used items so that they are easy to find and use. The top menu navigation bar can be used to access many services, but the portal landing page also offers some quick shortcuts to common tasks. 

  • If you are faculty and need to access the Faculty Center, there is a shortcut for it in the right hand side pane under Top Tools.
  • Select the Enter and View Absences link in the right hand side pane, to access Time and Labor and to input time taken. 
  • To Approve Time & Labor select the HR dropdown menu at the top of the page and select Time & Attendance
  • To access eTravel select eTravel Center from the right hand side pane. 
  • For IT Help, select the IT Help icon under Top Tools

Employee page.

TUC Content

For content formerly in the "The University Corporation" pagelet, including the TUC Check Request Form and Additional Pay links, select the HR dropdown menu at the top of the page and select Payroll. The Check Request Form is available on the landing page, and Additional Pay links are available by clicking the Additional Pay item.