New CSUN Portal

CSUN Portal FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about the CSUN Portal.

What is the myNorthridge Portal?

The myNorthridge Portal is the portal that has served the campus for well over 12 years. This system is built using the same technology that powers functionality like the SOLAR Student Center, Class Search, the Faculty Center, and Time Reporting.

What is the CSUN Portal?

The CSUN Portal is the new name of CSUN’s new student, faculty, and staff Portal. This will replace the myNorthridge Portal as the home of all your CSUN services and tools. The CSUN Portal will be built using the same platform used for the CSUN Mobile App, and will allow for deeper integrations with the CSUN services you use regularly.

The CSUN Portal will be rolling out over the next year, and will take place in three phases.

Phase 1: Frequently Used Content - Early August 2022

Phase 1 includes launching the new CSUN Portal design, including content most student, faculty, and staff use frequently. This will allow users to do most of the things they currently do in the myNorthridge Portal, with the current myNorthridge Portal still being available for a time to ensure that all functionality remains accessible!

Phase 2: Improved Functionality and Integration - Fall 2022

In this phase, the CSUN Portal will gain better organization and categorization of resources and information. While much of this will be present in Phase 1, extra care and attention will be paid to user feedback and how the capabilities of the new platform will allow for better experiences in the CSUN Portal.

Phase 3: User Experience Enrichment - Spring 2023

In this phase, functionality will be added to the CSUN Portal to improve the user experience beyond what the current myNorthridge Portal is capable of. Think things like improved notifications and updates, targeted messaging, and intractable elements that highlight information about your path at CSUN.

What is SOLAR Student?

SOLAR Student is the system that houses critical student and faculty resources that are critical to the University. While these services have traditionally been accessed through the myNorthridge Portal, the CSUN Portal will have targeted links to frequently used content, and will send you to SOLAR Student to perform actions such as:

  • Enrolling in Classes
  • Viewing Grades
  • Accessing Student Center and Faculty Center

Why is the CSUN Portal replacing the myNorthridge Portal?

The current myNorthridge Portal has served the campus well, but is built using systems that are incompatible with coming system updates. On September 16 2022, the SOLAR Student and SOLAR HR systems will be receiving upgrades that will cause compatibility issues with the myNorthridge Portal. Because of this, the campus has been working on a new reimagining what a Portal can be, and the result is the CSUN Portal!

What will happen to the myNorthridge Portal?

The myNorthridge Portal will up and available for a period after the transition to the CSUN Portal. For the first week of the fall 2022 term, the myNorthridge Portal was up and available with no barriers to access. As of September 3 2022, a survey was introduced to allow for better data collection of what still remains inaccessible from the CSUN Portal. The myNorthridge Portal will remain up for the majority of the fall 2022 semester, but issues may arise as a result of a Chancellor's Office system upgrade on September 16 2022 that may not be fixable. If functionality is found to be broken in the MyNorthridge Portal, that functionality will be removed if it cannot be fixed. The myNorthridge Portal is planned to be officially shut down after the end of the fall 2022 semester.

How long can we keep using the myNorthridge Portal?

The Chancellor's Office will be performing system updates on September 16 2022 that will cause incompatibility with the myNorthridge Portal. While the myNorthridge Portal will remain up and running through the fall 2022 semester, any functionality that can not be fixed will be removed. We will do what we can to keep the myNorthridge Portal functioning as best as we can, but the best approach is to let us know if content is missing in the CSUN Portal using the CSUN Portal Feedback form, as that content will continue to work.