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Sponsored by the Office of the President and the Office of the Provost in conjunction with the President’s Commission on Diversity & Inclusion


The Diversity & Equity Innovation Grant (DEIG) was established to support educational projects, scholarly research, creative activities and other programmatic initiatives that promote diversity, equity, inclusion, access, anti-racism and social justice for the benefit of the CSUN community. The Grant is administered by the President’s Cabinet in collaboration with the President’s Commission on Diversity and Inclusion. The Commission establishes the operating guidelines for the use of the monies awarded, develops procedures for implementing the guidelines, and selects grant recipients. The Office of Diversity and Inclusion provides administrative oversight to support the Diversity & Equity Innovation Grant.


Grants will be awarded on a competitive basis and proposals will be selected based on such criteria as relevance to grant objectives, impact on the CSUN community, dissemination and assessment of results, and potential for successful continuation past the grant period. Proposals should be written in plain language without technical jargon and include a literature review where appropriate. Projects clearly aligned to the Strategic Directions and priorities established in the 2022 CSUN’s Road Ahead document and potential for broad institutional impact will be given special consideration. Sustainable and replicable projects are particularly encouraged. All submissions are considered part of the application process and become the property of the Diversity & Equity Innovation Grant.

Examples of proposals may include the following:

  • Programs that support members of diverse populations in academic disciplines in which they are traditionally underrepresented.
  • Scholarly research which integrates results of innovative studies and research projects on underrepresented groups into courses throughout curricula.
  • Seminars, workshops, programs or projects on topics related to diversity, equity, inclusion and social justice.
  • Creative endeavors such as exhibits or performances that illustrate aspects of diversity, equity, inclusion or social justice.
  • Programs/projects which integrate research about underrepresented groups into the general curriculum.


Funding Requests of all sizes are encouraged and will be considered. However, most awards will fall between $5,000 and $50,000.

The Grant can provide funding for student workers to assist with research, outside speakers or performers, printing costs and materials and the like.

Reassigned time and summer salary are not covered. Additional compensation for faculty and staff may be considered and must be in compliance with the CSU 125% policy. Staff may be eligible for additional compensation as outlined in their respective collective bargaining agreement or auxiliary policies. The grant may be used to provide payments to students for participation, however any such payment must be processed through the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships. The grant may be used to fund student employees’ salary, however any student employment must be processed through the Office of Human Resources. Proposals must comply with minimum wage guidelines for student employment.

The Grant cannot provide funding to cover food or refreshment expenses associated with these activities.

The Grant does not cover such items as travel, office furniture, living and/or childcare expenses, laptops, computers, phones and/or other electronic equipment.

Requests that are for recurring funding will be considered as pilot programs. The Commission will reassess annually based on outcomes contained in the Final Report.


All current members of the CSUN community (full and part-time faculty), staff (including current auxiliary employees and students) may apply for grants. Proposals with matching funds will be considered, and supplementing this grant is strongly encouraged.


  • Grant proposals must be submitted online no later than November 30, 2022 at 6pm. Notification of decisions will be emailed no later than January 2023.
  • Projects can begin once grant recipients have been notified. The program runs through June 2023
  • Project award monies must be spent before the end of the fiscal year which is June 30, 2023
  • Recipients must submit a Final Report after the conclusion of the project but no later than July 29th, 2023. The Final Report should include how you have shared or plan to share your outcomes, findings, or research with the larger community, e.g., presentation at academic conference or publication in a peer-reviewed journal.


Please submit your proposal online and attach your completed packet as one PDF file or Word document. Proposals must contain all of the following:

  1. A single-page DEIG Proposal Cover Sheet including a title, names of all contributors, Unit or Division and contact information.
  2. A four-page (maximum), double-spaced 12 pt font - 1 inch margins containing the following information:
    • Executive Summary;
    • Description of the project’s implementation plan and timeline, discussing how you envision this project being carried out from beginning to end;
    • Description of project’s dissemination and assessment;
    • Explanation of the project’s purpose and identification of it’s target audience;
    • Discussion of the project’s expected outcomes and impact on students and/or the campus community, and potential for successful continuation past the grant period;
    • Discussion of the anticipated benefits to underrepresented populations as it relates to the fulfillment of the Fund’s purpose;
    • A detailed line-item budget outlining the use of the funds;

Please check with the Office of Budget, Planning and Management if you have questions concerning appropriate expenditures for tax-levy monies.

You can submit your proposal by accessing this QR Code or Website:

Diversity and Equity Innovation Grant: 2022-2023 Call for Proposals
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Diversity & Equity Innovation Grant: 2022-2023 Call for Proposals (PDF)