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39th Annual CSUN Assistive Technology Conference Has Concluded

Updating Old Braille Libraries for a Dynamic Future

Date & Time
Tuesday, March 19, 2024 - 3:20 PM PDT  
Grand CD  
The release of the new eBraille specification puts us on the cusp of a dynamic braille future. New braille files will contain markups, graphics and CSS to help display all the formatting we've become accustomed to. With all those changes on the horizon, we must ask ourselves, what will happen to our old braille files? It would be an enormous waste to throw them away! This presentation will discuss how the blank lines and spaces within the old braille files are enough to assign the correct markup. We can even insert links into the table of contents for enhanced navigation and fold in the necessary tags for graphics. Thanks to the rigorous and consistent formatting standards of the United States and Canada, there is enough information to make these decisions programmatically. Finally, we will demo this process using a program written in Python and discuss how this open-source solution can be integrated into any braille library to maintain the costly and time-consuming braille transcriptions that already exist.  
  • Higher Education
  • Disability Specific
  • K-12 Education
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Session Summary (Abstract)
With the initial eBraille specifications release, a dynamic braille future with new ways of interacting with braille is coming. What does this mean for the braille files that already exist? Join this session for a discussion and demonstration.  
Primary Topic
Blind/Low Vision  
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  • Education
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Employment & Workplace
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