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Reaching Saturation: Scoping Your Accessibility Research

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Friday, March 22, 2024 - 9:20 AM PDT  

Friday Morning Live Stream

In UX research, you might have heard that a study of five participants is enough to reach saturation and that meeting with a sixth person will not yield enough new information to make the interview worthwhile. But as with most best practices in the industry, these models were created without consideration for the edge case user. Depending on research goals, a researcher might try to recruit by persona, recruiting five or more from each group, but how does this scale, once introducing the various types of assistive technologies a user might leverage? How does one screen reader user’s feedback compare to five screen reader user’s feedback?

Scoping your study size can make starting accessibility research a daunting task if done without guidance. Fable sets out to share our proven best practices for various product study types. These guidelines help organizations make accessibility research an obtainable practice for product teams rather than a discouraging experience.

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A key to a well-scoped study is ensuring enough participants accurately represent your findings. Fable sets out to share our proven best practices related to different study types to help make accessibility obtainable for organizations.  
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  • Elana Chapman

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