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Integrating Accessibility Into Your UX and Design Process

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Tuesday, March 19, 2024 - 10:20 AM PDT  
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Fixing accessibility issues after our designs have been printed, coded or fabricated is typically more time-consuming and costly than catching them earlier. Ideally we should be leveraging an accessibility mindset in the early conceptual stages and throughout our UX and design processes to identify and resolve issues before they are created.

Follow these steps for incorporating accessibility into your team’s design process:

  1. Include people with disabilities in your concept and strategy phases – before starting on designs
  2. Follow UX best practices - because good UX is typically accessible as well. We will go into some of the more common and helpful guidelines and principles.
  3. Leverage accessibility design tools - some of which are integrated into the more common programs like Sketch and Figma. Others are stand-alone apps that can be used independently.
  4. Establish a design system to to build institutional knowledge and assets that will take you successfully from design through development
  5. Annotate with your designs to call out accessibility features. By anticipating and solving these issues in advance, you’ll set up your implementation team for success.
  6. Evaluate designs for common issues - and anything that may have been missed through the earlier processes. We’ll provide you with a checklist of things to look for.
  7. Test your designs with users with disabilities to ensure that you’ve addressed any issues.

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Save your team’s time and your organization’s money by solving accessibility issues before they’re created. Follow these recommended UX workflows, design tools and best practices for a more efficient process.  
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  • Jeff Wiesner
    Tamman Inc.

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