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39th Annual CSUN Assistive Technology Conference Has Concluded

The Digital Drawing WYSIWYG Editor for Blind Users is Here

Date & Time
Thursday, March 21, 2024 - 9:20 AM PDT  
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Digital drawing for blind people has been an unsolvable challenge since the dawn of the computer. There have been some attempts using vector tools (such as OpenSCAD) where blind people type numbers and distances between points, but this has always required a prestigious amount of imagination and technical knowledge. The new what you hear is what you get drawing tool from XR Navigation allows blind users to instantly explore and edit their shapes.

The co-designed shape editor allows the creation of maps, geometry assignments, art, and whatever the imagination can create. Our tool allows the creation of complex shapes, compound shapes, points, lines, and cut-out shapes. You can add sounds and other attributes to your drawings, and instantly share or export them straight from your browser.

The shape editor is powered by Audiom from XR Navigation. Using arrow keys, users can move a character around a map or canvas a specified distance. When they want to draw, they can drop points around the canvas and instantly hear what that shape they are drawing will look like by navigating their character in and around the shape or lines created by the dropped points. There is a visual canvas that shows the creation for teachers or other people to see, and a way to add both short sounds and looping sounds to each object. Drawing is no longer relegated to text editors and tactile drawing kits, instead detailed graphics can be created and instantly viewed using our new non-visual drawing tool

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Session Summary (Abstract)
Come learn how to create, share, and view maps, diagrams, geographic shapes, and artistic creations using the new web-based non-visual. What you hear is what you get from the drawing tool from XR Navigation.  
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Blind/Low Vision  
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  • Education
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Web
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General Track  


  • Brandon Biggs
    XR Navigation

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