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Maintaining Day-to-Day Accessibility in a CMS

Date & Time
Wednesday, March 20, 2024 - 4:20 PM PDT  
Grand GH  

In the digital landscape, Content Management Systems (CMS) are the foundation of most websites. While a lot of effort can go into ensuring the CMS templates and layouts are accessible, the true challenge lies in maintaining accessibility on a day-to-day basis when content editors step in. This presentation reviews seven areas where content editors wield the power to uphold the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) within the CMS.

These seven areas are:

  1. Headings: Delve into the art of structuring content with headings
  2. Tables: Learn when and how to employ tables effectively, ensuring content remains inclusive.
  3. Alternative Text: Master the craft of crafting alt text for images
  4. Contrast Ratios: We'll guide content editors on adhering to organizational color palettes and verifying contrast ratios.
  5. Lists: Discover the when and how of using lists to enhance content clarity and accessibility.
  6. Captions & Transcripts: ensure that multimedia content, including video and audio, features captions and transcripts.
  7. Non-HTML Documents: Before linking documents, make them accessible.

This presentation delivers actionable, non-technical guidance tailored to content editors, empowering them to integrate accessibility best practices seamlessly into their role within the web content development lifecycle.

This Presentation Link is provided by the Presenter(s) and not hosted by the Center on Disabilities at CSUN. The Center on Disabilities has confirmed, as of March 27, 2024, content linked is relevant to the presentation, but has not been reviewed for accessibility nor will the Center on Disabilities attempt to remediate any accessibility issues in the linked content. Please contact the Presenter(s) with any accessibility concerns.

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Discover how content editors can contribute to the day-to-day accessibility within a Content Management System (CMA). Learn about seven key areas that content editors can control and become an advocate for inclusivity in the digital landscape.  
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Digital Accessibility  
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  • Jeffrey Singleton
    Converge Accessibility

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