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Microsoft vs Google: A11y Comparison of Docs and Slides

Date & Time
Thursday, March 21, 2024 - 11:20 AM PDT  
Grand JK  

In Summer 2023, the presenters conducted extensive testing to compare Microsoft Word with Google Docs, and Microsoft PowerPoint with Google Slides, on accessibility features available in the final output delivered by these tools. They also tested how well accessibility features were supported by various screen readers, and whether accessibility features survived when documents were exported between formats or to PDF. This session will explore the findings from this project.

This Presentation Link (PPTX) is provided by the Presenter(s) and not hosted by the Center on Disabilities at CSUN. The Center on Disabilities has confirmed, as of April 4, 2024, content linked is relevant to the presentation, but has not been reviewed for accessibility nor will the Center on Disabilities attempt to remediate any accessibility issues in the linked content. Please contact the Presenter(s) with any accessibility concerns.

  • Higher Education
  • Information & Communications Technology
Audience Level
Session Summary (Abstract)
This session will share results from extensive testing comparing the accessibility of output from MS Word, Google Docs, PowerPoint, and Slides, plus whether accessibility features survive when files are exported between formats or to PDF.  
Primary Topic
Digital Accessibility  
Secondary Topics
  • Information & Communications Technology (ICT)
  • Research
Session Type
General Track  


  • Terrill Thompson
    University of Washington
  • Gaby de Jongh
    University of Washington
  • Hadi Rangin
    University of Washington

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