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Gateway Exam Reminder Form

B302L. Exam Reg Form

Gateway Exam Reminder Form




Student Id #: ______________________________________________


If you are registering online to take each LDC exam during open exam sessions, use this form as a reminder.It is your responsibility to register in time to take the exams when scheduled for any given round. Review the exam session schedule and register early. Sessions will be removed from the Online Registration form as they are filled. (Each session can only accommodate 30 students)


Print this form and record the exam session, date and time of each exam for which you have registered. Bring this form to the exam session.


LDC Topic

Session number



Fin. Accounting




Man. Accounting




Micro Econ.




Macro Econ.




Buss. Law









Keep this sheet as a record of your online exam registration.

Knowing your registration is your responsibility.


Note: This form is not the actual registration. Register Online.



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