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American Sign Language Proficiency Interview

The ASLPI is the American Sign Language Proficiency Interview. It is a structured conversation conducted in ASL between the candidate and a trained interviewer. The conversation lasts anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes. Following the interview, the candidate's performance is given a numerical rating that can range from 0-5 (5 = proficiency equal to native signer).

Current criteria for passing the ASLPI at Level I is 2.67 overall and 3.0 comprehension.

Current criteria for passing the ASLPI at Level II is 3.0 overall and 3.5 comprehension.

Prior to taking the ASLPI, it is suggested that you download and read the complete description of the ASLPI (pdf).

The ASLPI will be October 10, 2009 at CSUN.

To register, please go to: http://CTLSilhouette.wsu.edu/surveys/ZS93964

Registration will be available until Friday, September 18, 2009.
Applicants will be notified of interview times the week of Sept. 21, 2009.
Once notified of your inteview time, payment will be due immediately.

Current CSUN Students: Payment of $165 is required to confirm your interview time.
Non-CSUN individuals: Payment of $185 is required to confirm your interview time

Have you joined the CSUNDHH yahoo group?

If you have questions about ASLPI administration at CSUN, please contact

Rachel Friedman Narr in Deaf Education.


Developing Fluency in American Sign Language

Fluency in any language is derived from consistent use and interactions in that language. Students acquiring ASL as a second language need many opportunities to interact with and learn from native and "around the clock" users of ASL.

There are many opportunities at CSUN for students to interact with ASL users. Opportunities include activities such as:

* enrolling in sign language classes or ASL linguistics classes thru Deaf Studies,
* participating in Deaf community events,
* attending DSA (Deaf Studies Association) or Deaf CSUNians events,
* volunteering in K-12 classes for deaf students.

Deaf Studies also occasionally offers one unit courses that may be particularly helpful in developing ASL fluency:

* Classifiers- Deaf 490A (1)
* Visual Gestural- Deaf 490F (1)
* ASL Development- Deaf 430 (3)

For more information on these classes, please contact the Department of Deaf Studies.