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Chapter 14: Weak Nouns

Fourth Declension ("weak") nouns are nouns whose stems end in a vowel (except for nouns that end in u, which are either third declension or minor declension). You do not need to be concerned about the gender of a fourth declension noun.

Some Fourth Declension (Weak) Nouns:

Old English Modern English
blostma flower
draca dragon
eage eye
sceaða enemy
hæte heat

The endings for these nouns are given in the table below

(the dash - indicates that the stem gets no additional ending)

Fourth Declension (Weak) Nouns Paradigm

Case Singular Plural
Nominative - an
Genitive an ena
Accusative an an
Dative and Instrumental an um

Fourth Declension (Weak) Singular Nouns: Examples

Case Old English Translation
Nominative draca dragon (subject)
Genitive dracan of the dragon
Accusative dracan dragon (direct object)
Dative and Instrumental dracan with the dragon

dragon (indirect object)

Fourth Declension (Weak) Plural Nouns: Examples

Case Old English Translation
Nominative dracan dragons (subject)
Genitive dracena of the dragons
Accusative dracan dragons (direct object)
Dative/Instrumental dracum with the dragons

dragons (indirect object)

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