Four-Year Integrated Mathematics Teacher Credential Program
Mathematics BA and Preliminary Single Subject Credential in Mathematics

What is FYI-Math?

FYI-Math is an option of the math major that integrates undergraduate subject matter knowledge with teacher education content. Students in this option earn their Bachelor's degree and a preliminary California teaching credential in mathematics in four years.

Is FYI-Math for you?

FYI-Math is designed for entering freshmen who are able to commit to a full-time program and intend to be mathematics majors. Students must be ready to take Math 150A (first semester calculus) and freshman composition during the fall semester of their freshman year. To determine which math and English courses students are ready for, they must take the Entry Level Mathematics (ELM) Examination and the English Placement Test (EPT) in the spring before they enter CSUN, unless they are exempt from the tests. They must also take the Mathematics Placement Test (MPT). Information about all tests may be found at the Testing Center Website or by calling 818-677-2369. (Note that students must place into Math 150A and freshman composition in order to participate in the program.)

Note for entering FYI-Math students

Students who will begin the FYI-Math Program in the fall should make an appointment to meet with an advisor in the Science and Math Student Services Center (SMSSC)/EOP to discuss which general education courses they should take. A detailed list of general education courses is here.

FYI-Math Sequence of Classes for students who entered:

Fall 2016 or later

Fall 2011 to Spring 2016

Fall 2010

Fall 2008 or 2009

Fall 2007

Fall 2006

Fall 2005

Prior to Fall 2005

FYI-Math Additional Requirements

A GPA of 2.6 is required for all courses in the math major and no major course grade may be lower than C. A GPA of 3.0 or higher is required for all professional education coursework and no professional education course grade may be lower than C.

Year 2:
Fall semester:
     View an online Credential Information Session where you will be given details about the Credential application process. A link to this online information session is here. (Select Single Subject Information Session.)
Spring semester:
     Sign up and take the CBEST (information about the CBEST is on their website:
     Apply to Credential Program (get started early in the semester).

Year 3:
Fall semester:
     Take upper division writing exam (must pass prior to taking SED 554 and 555).

Year 4:
     CTC Clearance.
     Complete Teaching Performance Assessment.

Funding Opportunities

There are many programs, scholarships, and loan programs available to students interested in teaching careers. For example:

CSUN's Robert Noyce Scholarships provide up to $10,000 per year. Noyce Scholarships are for junior and senior mathematics majors who are preparing to become secondary teachers and have GPAs of at least 2.8 in in the last 30 semester units. The program also supports single subject math credential students. For more information and application instructions, visit CSUN's Robert Noyce Scholarship website.

The Assumption Program of Loans for Education (APLE) provides up to $19,000 in assumption of educational loans for students planning to teach mathematics or science. Juniors, seniors and credential students are eligible. For more information about APLE, visit the website:

For additional scholarship and loan possibilities, inquire at CSUN's Financial Aid and Scholarship Department.

This page was updated: August 2011.

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