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The following information was compiled by K-lab students from various websites and other universities for use by interceded parties. Please use the links below to navigate the page.

General Information Regarding Graduate Schools

Frequently Asked Questions


Succeeding in Graduate School

Additional Strategies



Interested in Graduate School?

General Information Regarding Graduate Schools

· California State University, Northridge Graduate Programs

· California State University, Northridge Graduate Programs at Tseng  College

· Psychology Schools Directory

· NRC Ranking of U.S. Psychology Ph.D. Programs

· Areas of Specialization in Psychology

· Master's and Doctoral-Level Careers in Psychology and Related Areas


Frequently Asked Questions

· What is the Graduate Record Examination (GRE)?

· How to Ask for Letters of Recommendation

· How to Get Good Letters of Recommendation

· Obtaining a Letter of Recommendation from Dr. Kazemi

· APA Grad Student FAQ's for Graduate Schools



· Curriculum Vitae and Related Letters

· Grad School Interview Process

· Grad School Sample Interview Questions



Succeeding in Graduate School

· Task Analysis and example of how to develop a timeline for graduate school.

· Road to obtaining a PhD & a career in academia. *This document contains excellent guidelines on succeeding in graduate school. Must read for anyone looking for tips on succeeding in an academic setting.


Additional Strategies

· Writer's Handbook

· Preparing a Personal Statement

· Writing a Personal Essay For Graduate and Professional Schools

· Books on Writing Your Personal Statement

· Books on Graduate School for Psychology Majors