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Books on Graduate School for Psychology Majors

Here are some good books for finding out about graduate programs in Psychology. You might find them in a Psychology department office (which is where we keep them on our campus), a departmental library, campus placement center, career counseling center, or at the main campus library.


The Complete Guide to Graduate School Admission: Psychology and Related Fields

Keith-Spiegel, P. (1991) The complete guide to graduate school admission: Psychology and related fields. Hillsdale, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Publishers.

Offers helpful information on practically any topic related to graduate school--e.g., what graduate schools look for in applicants, ways to enhance your chances of being accepted, what to do if you're not accepted, etc.

Directory of Graduate Programs in Applied Sport Psychology

Sachs, M. L., Burke, K. L., & Salitsky, P. B. (Eds.) (latest). Directory of graduate programs in applied Sport Psychology. Association for the Advancement of Applied Sport Psychology.

Briefly discusses careers in Sport Psychology, types of graduate programs in Sport Psychology, and certification requirements. The bulk of the Directory contains practical information about graduate programs in Sport Psychology in the US And Canada.(Order from Dr. Michael L. Sachs, Department of Physical Education-048-00, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA  19122; phone: (215) 787-8718; e-mail: V5289E@VM.Temple.EDU.)

Getting In: A Step-by-Step Plan for Gaining Admission to Graduate School in Psychology

American Psychological Association (1993). Getting in: A step-by-step plan for gaining admission to graduate school in Psychology. Washington, D.C.: Author.

Provides information to help you clarify your goals and know what to look for in graduate programs. It also addresses topics such as the criteria admissions committees use to evaluate applications, how to improve your qualifications for graduate school, how to prepare a personal statement, etc.

Graduate Study in Psychology

American Psychological Association. (Updated annually) Graduate study in psychology. Washington, D.C.: Author.

Gives practical information on over 600 graduate programs (both master's- and doctoral-level): areas of study, degree requirements, program goals, faculty/student statistics, financial aid deadlines, tuition costs, housing facilities, etc.

Graduate Training Programs in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and Related Fields

Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Inc. (latest). Graduate training programs in industrial organizational Psychology and related fields. Bowling Green, OH: Author.

Provides useful information about a number of doctoral-level programs in I/O Psychology as well as graduate programs in related business fields--e.g.., human resource management, organizational behavior, industrial and labor relations. (Order from SIOP Administrative Office, PO Box 87, Bowling Green, OH 43402-0087.)

The Handbook of Psychology

Appleby, D. (1997). The Handbook of Psychology. Reading, MA: Longman.

This 118-page paperback offers many helpful suggestions for developing critical thinking skills, getting a job with a bachelor's degree in psychology, and being a successful applicant to graduate school programs.

Insider's Guide to Graduate Programs in Clinical and Counseling Psychology

Norcross, J. C., Sayette, M. A., & Mayne, T. J. (1996) Insider's guide to graduate programs in clinical and counseling psychology. NY: Guilford Press.

Here is the description from Guilford Press: "Ideal for colleagues and students who are considering applying to graduate school, this l996/97 edition updates and expands upon its best-selling predecessors and now features coverage of Counseling Psychology programs. Data from APA-accredited clinical psychology and counseling programs provides valuable information on admission criteria, application odds, research areas, specialty clinics, and financial assistance. Concrete advice on interviews, numerous examples, and several worksheets take the reader through all the necessary steps to apply to graduate programs in clinical and counseling psychology."

Neuroscience Training Programs in North America

Association of Neuroscience Departments and Programs. (1994). Neuroscience training programs in North America. Washington, DC: Author.

Provides practical information on over 100 PhD programs in neuroscience. (Order from ANDP, 11 Dupont Circle, Suite 500, Washington, DC 20036.)

Preparing for Graduate Study: Not for Seniors Only

Fretz, B. R., & Stang, D. J. (1990) Preparing for graduate study: Not for seniors only. Washington, D.C.: American Psychological Association.

Provides a step-by-step approach to planning your graduate education and includes information about how to conduct a practice interview, write a resume, obtain recommendations, etc.

Psychology/Careers for the Twenty-first Century: Scientific Problem Solvers.

American Psychological Association. (1990). Psychology/careers for the twenty-first century: Scientific problem solvers. Washington, DC: Author.

This 37-page pamphlet describes the various specialty areas in psychology (clinical, social, etc.), the kinds of work that various psychologists do, and the settings in which they work. In addition, the pamphlet provides information about numerous paper and electronic resources for those interested in psychology. (Order from the APA Order Department: 1-800-374-2721; in Washington, DC, call (202) 336-5510.)

Summary Information on Master of Social Work Programs

Council on Social Work Education. (latest). Summary information on master of social work programs. Alexandria, VA: Author.

Gives practical information on more than 100 graduate programs in social work: degrees (master's and doctorates), concentrations (clinical, gerontology, families, etc.), application deadlines, tuition costs, etc. (Order from the Council on Social Work Education, 1600 Duke Street, Alexandria, VA 22314; phone: (703) 683-8080.)

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