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Finance, Real Estate, and Insurance

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FIN 302 - Personal Finance

Professor James Dow


This course is completely online and is run through the website The syllabus for Fall is up now!


The first week you need to do four things:

1) Go to and create a student account.  I will use the email you provide here for future emails (after week 1)

2) Once you have an account you will need to enroll in this course.  This is different from your CSUN registration; it just tells the website which course you are taking.  Be sure to register for my course (Professor DOW) and not Professor Phillips's. Do not register here unless you have already registered at CSUN.

3) Take a look at the syllabus. 

4) Buy the book and register for WileyPlus (the instructions are in the syllabus). This is where you will take the quizzes.



Instructions for week 2

By this point, you should have enrolled in my course at, read the syllabus, and have gone to the WileyPlus site.  This week we will focus on chapter 1 (some of you have already moved beyond chapter 1 so you don’t need to pay attention to this).

It can seem like there is a lot of work to this class, but most of it is pretty easy so the important thing is to get started and take it a step at a time.  This week you should do at least the following:

1) At the cobaeonline site, go to the class page and click on lectures.  Listen to the lecture for chapter 1. Professor Phillips and I narrate the powerpoint slides for this chapter.

2) Read chapter 1.

3) Do the worksheets on chapter 1.

4) Go to the WileyPlus page for this class (it’s listed in the syllabus) and take the practice exam on chapter 1. This is worth 1 point.

5) Write a 250 word memo on what you learned from the worksheets and submit it on cobaeonline. This is worth 2 points.

There is also an introductory quiz on wileyplus which is worth 2 points.

Once you find out how easy this is, you’ll want to do more than one chapter a week. Take advantage of the fact that you won’t have a lot of work for your other courses now.  If you get a head start in this class, it will free up time for other things later.