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Finance, Real Estate, and Insurance

FIN 303 - Financial Management


Syllabus Fall 2016


Tutoring Info


Links to online readings and assignments are below. See syllabus for details. PowerPoints presentations and problem sets will not be available until the first week of class.

Week Class Notes PowerPoints Problem Sets
1 1-Financial Decisions    

2-Financial Markets
4-Time Value of Money

3 3-Financial Institutions  


HP Tutorial

TI Tutorial



11-Corporate Control

5   Global Financial Markets I

Global Finance I
updated 9/28

6   Business Plan  
7 6-Valuation Financial Statements  
8   Financial Statement Analysis Valuation
9 7-Capital Budgeting Financial Forecasting Financial Ratios
10 8-Topics in Capital Budgeting   Capital Budgeting
12 9-Corporate Finance Global Financial Markets II Global Finance II
13 10-Small Business Finance   Cost of Capital
14   Working Capital Management
(moved here since not on 2nd midterm
15   Investing (updated) Updated to fix typos on slide 7