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DNA-graphene interactions during translocation through nanogaps
Hiral N. Patel, Ian Carroll, Rodolfo Lopez Jr., Sandeep Sankararaman, Charles Etienne, Subba Ramaiah Kodigala, Mark R. Paul, Henk W.Ch. Postma
PLOS One 12, e0171505 (2017)

Carbon Nanotube Solar Cells
Colin Klinger, Yogeshwari Patel, Henk W. Ch. Postma
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Competing Interactions in DNA Assembly on Graphene
Saliha Akca, Ashkan Foroughi, Daniel Frochtzwajg, H.W.Ch. Postma
PLOS One 6, e18442 (2011)

Rapid Sequencing of Individual DNA Molecules in Graphene Nanogaps
H.W.Ch. Postma
Nano Lett. 10, 420 (2010)
Coverage in Nature and Physics World
Video issue on the occasion of being in the top 20 most accessed articles of 2010

Atomic-Scale Mass Sensing Using Carbon Nanotube Resonators
H.-Y. Chiu., P. Hung., H.W.Ch. Postma. and M. Bockrath
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Basins of attraction of a nonlinear nanomechanical resonator
I. Kozinsky*, H. W. Ch. Postma*, O. Kogan, A. Husain, M. L. Roukes
Phys. Rev. Lett. 99, 207201 (2007). Cond-mat/0709.2169
* The first two authors contributed equally to this work

Tuning Nonlinearity, Dynamic Range, and Frequency of Nanomechanical Resonators
I. Kozinsky, H.W.Ch. Postma, I. Bargatin, and M.L. Roukes
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Carbon Nanotube Linear Bearing Nanoswitches
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Ballistic Phonon Thermal Transport in Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
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Nanowire-based very-high-frequency electromechanical resonator
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Correlated Resonant Tunneling in Intramolecular Carbon Nanotube Quantum Dots
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1/f noise in Carbon Nanotubes
H.W.Ch. Postma, T.F. Teepen, Z. Yao, and C. Dekker
In proceedings of XXXVIth Rencontres de Moriond : "Electronic Correlations: From Meso- to Nano-Physics", EDP Sciences, France, 2001 ISBN 2-86883-570-8

Carbon Nanotube Junctions and Devices
H.W.Ch. Postma
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Single-Electron Effects in Metals and Nanotubes for Nanoscale Circuits
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