Cover image for Surface Science magazine issue that published our graphene gold etch paper
Device we proposed for doing rapid DNA sequencing with graphene nanogaps
An AFM height image of a film of carbon nanotubes on glass. The nanotubes are spray painted on the glass using an air brush. The image is 2x2 microns in size and the height scale is 15 nm.
An image of electrodes that have been fabricated with our SEM using the home-grown electron-beam lithography program. The gap between the electrodes is approximately 500 nm wide.
An AFM height image of a single-atom thick layer of carbon, graphene, on SiO2. The image is 2x2 um in size and the graphene is approximately 1 nm high.
An SEM image of a micropore in SiO2. The pore is a little smaller than a micrometer in diameter.

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