Internet Assignment 2, Part 2


Using information which you collected about Zeus, king of the Gods, and about his most famous residences: Olympia and Dodona...


Share and discuss information about Zeus, his functions in mythology, and his famous residences, Olympia and Dodona, as well as any other relevant material. For discussion, focus your comments on:


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Use the Message board at Yahoo! to post messages, to read messages, and to reply to messages. This process will be the
alternative to a discussion in class.

THE LAST DAY FOR POSTING (on the Yahoo! Messages Board) FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT IS  WEDNESDAY of the 8th WEEK OF CLASS, at Midnight.

CLICK on the following link to connect with the Yahoo! discussion forum for your section of CLASSICS 315:

8:00 section

9:30 section

12:00 section

You may enter a Yahoo! contribution (either an original contribution [Messages: Post], or a comment [Reply] on someone else's contribution) any number of times. Contributions might be new information, correction of someone else's information, interpretation, argumentation, etc. Always put your real name in the Message part of the posting. I need to know who you are in order to give you a grade for what you do.

There is NO fixed ending date for the process of discussing and commenting, except the Midterm exam date. But, obviously, the earlier you post the more likely it is that you will say something new and worthwhile.

Your own personal grade for this element of the course (as with "classroom participation") depends on the number of contributions you make and their quality. Quality includes "literary quality". This assignment is part of the writing requirement for an upper-division GE course. So think about and plan what you write before you send something. Please remember to use courtesy in dealing with your fellow students. Everyone will be reading what you write. Inappropriate postings will be removed by the Instructor, and no credit will be given for them.

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