Sede Vacante 1216

July 16, 1216—July 18, 1216

List of Cardinals present at the IV Lateran Council

(November 1215)

Achille Luchaire "Un document retrouvé," Journal des Savants 3 (1905), 557-568, at p. 561:


Innocentius catolice ecclesie episcopus.
Albanensis, episcopi

Cintius item Sancti Laurentii in Lucina
Cintius item Sanctorum Johannis et Pauli
Leo item Sancte Crucis et Jherusalem
Petrus item Sancte Pudentiane
Guala item Sancti Martini
Johannes item Sancte Praxedes, presbyteri
Stephanus basilice XII apostolorum,
Robertus Sancti Stephani in Celio Monte

Guido Sancti Nicolai in carcere Tulliano
Octavianus Sanctorum Sergii et Bachi
Gregorius Sancti Theodori
Johannes Sanctorum Cosme et Damiani
Petrus Sancte Marie in Aquiro
Berterannus Sancti Gregorii [Georgii] in Velum.

Cardinal Stephen Langton, Archbishop of Canterbury (1207-1228), Cardinal Priest of S. Crisogono (1205-1228), is not listed as being present. He had run afoul of Pope Innocent and King John of England, who had become Innocent's vassal, and had been suspended from his functions. He was under arrest in Rome. Charles S. Isaacson, The Story of the English Cardinals (London 1907), p. 32. Folkestone Williams, The Lives of the English Cardinals I (London 1868), pp. 232-234. The suspension is the subject of a letter from Pope Innocent to the clergy of Canterbury, dated November 4, 1215. The suspension had been published by Bishop Peter des Roches of Winchester and the Papal Legate Pandulphus, Bishop-elect of Norwich. The Pope wanted the suspension enforced. Rymer Foedera I, 139; Potthast 5006.

Cardinal Johannes, Deacon of S. Maria in via lata (1205-1216), is not listed as being present.

See Werner, Neues Archiv 31 (Zurich 1906) 584. Potthast, p. 437.


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