Sede Vacante 1159

September 1—September 7, 1159


Letter of Bishop Eberhard of Bamberg to Eberhard of Salzburg
(September, 1159)


Johann M. Watterich, (editor), Pontificum Romanorum qui fuerunt inde ab exeunte saeculo IX usque ad finem saeculi XIII vitae ab aequalibus conscriptae Tomus II (Lipsiae 1862), pages 454-455:

Eberhardus Bambergensis Eberhardo Salzburgensi.

Nuntius vester aliquamdiu detentus in expectatione nuntiorum domini et imperatoris, ut de pace et concordia regni et sacerdotii gaudium vobis annuntiaret. Nunc oportet, ut referat, non qualia vellemus nos, sed qualia vult Deus, videlicet de obitu domini Papae Adriani, qui anginae dolore defecisse dicitur; deinde—proh dolor! de scissura et dissensione Romanae ecclesiae. Cancellario enim et aliis quibusdam cardinalibus, domino Bernardo Portuensi episcopo adhaerentibus, quem ipse dominus Papa in novissimis suis sibi subrogasse et designasse fertur ex nomine, Tusculanus episcopus cum aliis novem cardinalibus valentioribus dominum Octavianum elegit in Apostolicum; cives Romani alii in partes divisi, alii adhuc sunt penduli, lis tamen in urbe est et contentio et sanguinis effusio. A quibusdam familiaribus domini imperatoris annuntiatum est, quod ab his, qui senatores dicuntur, domino papae sepultura non conceditur, quoadusque cardinales in Urbe conveniant et exequiis rite celebratis in electione ordine canonico procedant.


"Your messenger, detained for some time in the expectation of messengers from our Lord and Emperor, so that he might announce to you the joy of peace and an agreement between the Empire and the Church. Now it happens that he must report, not what we would wish, but what God wills, namely the death of our Lord Pope Adrian (September 1, 1159), who is said to have died of angina. And also, sadly, the division and dissention in the Roman Church. For, with the Chancellor (Rolandus Bandinelli) and several other cardinals supporting Bernard the Bishop of Porto, whom the Lord Pope himself in his last hours is said to have selected and designated as his successor by name, the Bishop of Tusculum [Hymarus] and nine other cardinals are supporting Cardinal Octavian [of Santa Caecilia] for pope. Some of the citizens of Rome are divided into factions, others are hanging on the fence, there is nonetheless struggle and contention and the spilling of blood in the City. It is reported to the Lord Emperor by certain of his agents that a burial is not being granted to the Lord Pope by those who are called Senators, until the cardinals assemble in the City and, having carried out the proper funeral rites; then they may proceed to the Election in canonical order."

On Bishop Eberhard of Bamberg:   Paul Wagner, Eberhard II. Bischof von Bamberg . Ein Beitrag zur Geschichte Friedrichs I. (Halle 1876).



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