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Welcome to the
Stereotyping and Intergroup Prejudice (SIP) Lab!

   Professor Ma will be accepting 1-2 graduate students for Fall 2018.

   Fall 2016 Lab Photo

Graduate Students

   Ryan McManus

   I received my undergraduate degree in psychology from California University of Pennsylvania in 2012.
   After graduating, I worked in an unrelated field for three years, and personal life events motivated
   my interest in going back to school to pursue an advanced degree in experimental psychology. I moved
   to LA and am currently a graduate student in the general experimental psychology program at Cal State
   Northridge. I am interested in studying the underlying mechanisms of moral judgments, and particularly
   right now, how moral judgments may change as emerging technology allows humans to do things that were
   once thought to be impossible (e.g., artificially enhance their cognition or send an autonomous vehicle
   to pick up one's child from school).

Undergraduate Research Assistants

   Jonathan Alvarado


   Andrew Brown


   Lauren Brueggeman


   Cheyenne Hendrix-Porter


   Tyler Horton


   Linda Mendoza


   Lizbeth Morales


   Essence Wilson


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