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SIP Alumni

Aerielle "Elle" Allen (M.A., class of 2015) - Elle is now a doctoral student at UCONN where she works with Professor Felicia Pratto and Colin Leach.

Denise Barth (B.A., class of 2016) - Denise is a doctoral student training at the University of Chicago with Jasmin Cloutier and Jeni Kubota.

Adrian Bernhardt (B.A., class of 2016) - Adrian is a Master's student at Claremont Graduate University in Organizational Behavior and Evaluation.

Tangier "Tannie" Davis (M.A., class of 2017) - Tannie is a doctoral student at the University of Michigan where she works with Isis Settles.

Kathy Espino-Perez (M.A., class of 2013) - Kathy is now a doctoral student at UCSB working under the advisement of Professor Brenda Major.

Ryan Folliott (B.A., class of 2015) - Ryan earned a Master's degree in Applied Behavior Analysis and works as a BCBA case supervisor at McRory Pediatric Services Inc.

Kolina Koltai (matriculating class class of 2013) - Kolina is a doctoral study at UTAustin at the School of Information.

Tawaun Lucas (B.A., class of 2013) - Tawaun is a doctoral student at Stanford where he is earning a PhD in biosciences.

Cindy Muro (B.A., class of 2014) - Cindy went on to earn a MSW from USC. She currently works Congresswoman Roybal-Allard.

Heather Rees (M.A., class of 2014) - Heather is now a doctoral student at UC Davis where she works with Professor Jeff Sherman.

Michelle Revels (M.A., class of 2014) - Michelle went on to complete her MA at CSUN and now works as an analyst at OMD Advertising Agency.

Old Lab Photos

Fall 2013
Back row (L to R): Tannie Davis, Arlene Sagustume, Clennie Foster, Nanae Tachibe
Front row (L to R): Ryan McManus, Brianna Herrera, Rui Jiang, Debbie Ma, Denise Barth

Fall 2013
Back row (L to R): April Hinkle, Heather Rees, Aerielle Allen, Joshua David, Antoinette Gonsalves, Ryan Folliott, Rene Macias
Front row (L to R): Taylor Stearns, Kolina Koltai, Tawaun Lucas, Debbie Ma, Michelle Revels

Spring 2013
Back row (L to R): Patricia Escobedo, Ryan Folliott, Joshua David, Tyler Patterson, Heather Rees
Front row (L to R): Michelle Revels, Debbie Ma, Kolina Koltai, Kathy Espino-Perez
Not pictured: Rene Macias, Tawaun Lucas, Antoinette Gonsalves, Jennifer Roosendahl

Spring 2012
Left to right: Heather Rees, Jessica Gonzalez, Kathy Espino-Perez, Michelle Revels,
Elizabeth Sturgeon, Debbie Ma