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Congratulations to Tannie Davis who has decided to matriculate at the University of Michigan where she will work with Isis Settles! (February 2017)

SIP at SPSP (January 2014)

Welcome to our new graduate students, Tannie Davis and Rui Jiang! (August 2015)

Introducing the newest member of the SIP Lab, William! (June 2014)

SIP WOO-WOO! Heather Rees accepts PhD admission to UC Davis to work with Jeff Sherman! (April 2014)

SIP Lab alum, Kolina Koltai, says Howdy! to UT Austin PhD program. (April 2014)

SIP Lab dinner at SPSP (February 2014)

Michelle & Patricia, Heather, and Kathy represent SIP Lab at SPSP in Austin. (February 2014)


Kolina Koltai wins an SPSP Graduate Student Travel Award! (February 2014)

Aerielle Allen is selected to be a RISE Scholar! (January 2014)

Double trouble - Kolina Koltai and Aerielle Allen both awarded Graduate Equity Fellowships! (September 2013)

Kolina Koltai named RISE Scholar! (August 2013)

Looks like we're going to SPSP - check out our posters in Austin! (August 2013)

Congrats to Patricia Escobedo, Heather Rees, and Michelle Revels for winning Sally Cassonova Pre-Doc Scholarships! (July 2013)

Congratulations to Kathy Espino-Perez, receipient of this year's Wilsoncroft award. (May 2013)

Congratulations to Joshua Gold for receiving the Steinmetz award. (May 2013)

Heather Rees is now a RIMI (Research Infrastructure in Minority Institutions) Fellow! (April 2013)

This just in - Kathy Espino-Perez accepts UCSB offer for doctoral studies with Brenda Major! (April 15, 2013)

SIP Lab enthusiastically welcomes Tyler Patterson to the General Experimental Master's Program! (April 15, 2013)

Bravo Heather Rees for winning a Creative Endeavors Scholarship! (March 2013)

Congrats to Kolina Koltai for her first grad school admission - let's hope the good news keeps rolling in! (March 2013)

Woo-hoo Joshua Gold for accepting an offer to a PhD program - go Hawkeyes! (March 2013)

Congratulations to Kathy Espino-Perez for her 1st place finish at the Student Research and Creative Works Symposium! (February, 15 2013)

Great job presenting at SPSP in New Orleans Kathy and Heather!

Congratulations to Michelle Revels for being awarded a Matador Scholarship! (September, 2012)

Congratulations to Kathy Espino-Perez on being named a Sally Cassonova Pre-Doc Scholar! (August, 2012)

Good luck to Kathy Espino-Perez, Jessica Gonzalez, Markie Keelan, and Heather Rees who are presenting at WPA this week! (April 26, 2012)


Welcome to the General Experimental Master's Program, Heather Rees! (April 23, 2012)

Congratulations to Heather Rees for being awarded the Psychology Department's Robert Dear Quantitative Research Award! (April 21, 2012)




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