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Ardavan Asef-Vaziri
Professor of Systems and Operations Management

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Recent Publications

Asef-Vaziri A., 2015. The flipped classroom of operations management. A not-for-cost-reduction platform. Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education. Vol. 13(1), pp 71–89.

Choobineh F. A Asef-Vaziri, and Xiaolei Huang, 2011. Fleet Sizing of Automated Guided Vehicles; A Linear Programming Approach Based on Closed Queuing Networks, International Journal of Production Research. Vol. 50 (12), pp 3222-3235.

Asef-Vaziri A., A. Behnezad, D. Middleton, and M. Rahimi, 2011. A Study of Truck Collisions with Focus on California SR-60. California Journal of Operations Management, Vol. 9(1), pp 70-84.

Asef-Vaziri A., M. Kazemi, and K. Eshghi, 2010. An Ant Colony System for Enhanced Loop-Based Aisle-Network Design of Vehicle-Based Automated Unit-Load Transport Systems. European Journal of Operational Research, 207(1), pp 110-120.

Asef-Vaziri A. and G. Laporte, 2009. Integration of operational policies into the design phase of a material handling network. International Journal of Advanced Operations Management, Vol. 1(1), pp 108- 134.

Rahimi, M. , A. Asef-Vaziri, and R Harrison, 2008. An Inland Port Location-Allocation Model for a Regional Intermodal Goods Movement System. Journal of Maritime Economics and Logistics, Vol. 3(19), pp 362-379.

Asef-Vaziri A., B. Khoshnevis, and M. Rahimi, 2008. Design and Analysis of an Automated Container Handling System in Seaports. International Journal of Agile Systems and Management, Vol. 3(1), pp112-126.

Asef-Vaziri A. and M. Goetschalckx, 2008. Dual Track and Segmented Single Track Bidirectional Loop Guidepath Layout for AGV Systems. European Journal of Operational Research, Vol. 186(3), pp 972-989.

Asef-Vaziri A., and N. G. Hall, and R. George, 2008. The Significance of Deterministic Empty Vehicle Trips in the Design of a Unidirectional Loop Flow Path. Computers and Operations Research, Vol. 35(5), pp 1546-1561.

Asef-Vaziri A., and R. Ortiz, 2008. The Value of the Shortest Loop Covering all Work-Centers in a Manufacturing Facility Layout. International Journal of Production Research, Vol. 46(3), pp 703-722.

Asef-Vaziri A., G. Laporte, and R. Ortiz, 2007. Exact and Heuristic Procedures for the Material Handling Circular Flow Path Design Problem. European Journal of Operational Research, Vol. 176(2), pp 707-726.

Asef-Vaziri A., 2007. Comparison of Deterministic and Stochastic Dispatching Policies in the Design Phase of a Material Handling Network. Progress in Material Handling Research: 2007, pp 1-14.

Asef-Vaziri A. and G. Laporte, 2005. Loop-Based Facilities Planning and Material Handling. European Journal of Operational Research, Vol. 164(1), pp 1-11.

Asef-Vaziri A., M. Dessouky, and C. Sriskandarajah, 2001.  A Loop Material Flow System Design for Automated Guided Vehicles. International Journal of Flexible Manufacturing Systems, Vol. 13(1), pp 33-48.

Asef-Vaziri A., G. Laporte, and C. Sriskandarajah, 2000. The Block Layout Shortest Loop Design Problem. IIE Transactions, Vol. 32(8), pp 727-734.

Asef-Vaziri A. and B. Khoshnevis, 2000. Performance Analysis of Automated Technology in Maritime Container Terminals. Progress in Material Handling Research: 2000, pp 165-178.

Laporte, G, A. Asef-Vaziri, and Sriskandarajah,1999. Some Applications of the Generalized Traveling Salesman Problem. Journal of the Operational Research Society, Vol. 47(12), pp 1461-1467.

Contact Information...

Department Office: Juniper Hall JH3123
Faculty Office: Juniper Hall JH4129
Department Number: (818) 677-2470
Faculty Number: (818) 677-3637
Fax Number: (818) 677-2456

Class Hours:

SOM360 (TTh 2-3.15) NA101
SOM416 (TTh 5.30-6.45) JH1230
Office Hours: TTh 1-2 pm, by appointment, and whenever the "I am in" sign is posted at the door.


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