California State University, Northridge

Volunteer Leadership


California State University, Northridge has more than 600 volunteer leaders in over 20 major volunteer boards and advisory committees engaged in advancing the university's mission, by reaching out to its external stakeholders—alumni, parents, business and civic leaders and the community at large—and by providing advice to help CSUN's programs remain effective, relevant and adequately supported to meet the challenges of the region we serve today and in the years to come.

The purpose of this site is to provide both a guide to CSUN's volunteer leadership structure and a resource to the university's volunteer leadership.

Call to Action

In June 2011 the Special Task Force on Engagement issued its report, Engaging the Future of California State University, Northridge (PDF), calling upon the university to build synergy and collaboration among its volunteer leadership in order to promote broader and deeper engagement of the university's stakeholders, totaling many hundreds of thousands of individuals and organizations across Southern California and the nation.

The Task Force, an 18-member team of distinguished alumni and community leaders appointed by President Koester, recommended that the President deliver an annual State of the Campus address to all volunteer leaders and that volunteers be given an annual opportunity to meet with each other to learn more about the university's programs, build connections and collaborate. The result was the Inaugural Volunteer Leadership Summit, held on December 3, 2011 at the Valley Performing Arts Center.