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Alumni Association Board of Directors

The Alumni Association Board of Directors consists of dedicated, hard-working alumni and community volunteers who are proud to serve the membership of the association. Meeting quarterly and working through a committee system, the 18 member executive board of directors and 25 chapter presidents engage alumni volunteers in the institution, reviews budgets, approves long-term strategic plans and sets the annual program plans for the Association and its affiliate chapters.

Executive Council





Carlos Fuentes
'82 B.A. Political Science


 Alumni-Picture-BOD-Wayne Adelstein

Wayne Adelstein
'70 B.A. and '71 M.A.
Political Science

Alumni-Picture-BOD-Chad Charton

Chad Charton
'07 B.S. Finance 

Alumni-Picture-BOD-Gene Detchemendy

Gene Detchemendy
'84 B.A. Business 

Alumni-Picture-BOD-Jim Gorman

Jim Gorman

Alumni-Picture-BOD-David Honda

David Honda
Parent and Friend
of the University

Alumni-Picture-BOD-Kenny Melcombe

Kenneth Melcombe
'94 B.S. Real Estate

Alumni-Picture-BOD-Maria Ramos

Maria Ramos
'93, B.A. Chicano St
 '95, M.A. Edu Leadership

Alumni-Picture-BOD-Kurt Rayners

Kurt Rayners
'95, B.S. Business
'00 M.B.A.

Alumni-Picture-BOD-Chris Soderlund

Chris Soderlund
'93 B.S. Business
'99 M.B.A.


Alumni-Picture-BOD-Giovanni Trivino

Giovanni Trivino
'00 B.A. Liberal Stds
'02 M.P.A. 
'10 M.A. Edu Admin

Alumni-Picture-BOD-Larry Twersky

Larry Twersky
'84 Marketing


Alumni-Picture-BOD-Dennis DeYoung

Dennis DeYoung
'87 B.S. Finance



Alumni-Picture-BOD-Francine Oschin
Immediate Past President
Francine Oschin
'84 B.S. Journalism
'85 M.A. Mass Comm 


Alumni Chapter Presidents

Accounting and IS
Carlos Patron '99

Alumni-Picture-Chapter-Hasmig Baran

Alumni and Friends of
Armenian Studies
Hasmig Baran '97, M.A.'99 

Ian Leslie '87

Alumni-Picture-Chapter-Shante Morgan
Black Alumni Assoc.
Shante Morgan '90

Child and Adolescent
Marta Gonzalez '06, MA'09

and Sciences
Amalia Hernandez '11

Alumni-Picture-Chapter-Giovanni Trivino
Giovanni Trivino
'00, '02 M.P.A., '10 M.A.


 Engineering and
Computer Science

Alumni Network
Dan Rozzen '10

Alumni-Picture-Chapter-Bob Finkelstein
Environmental and
Occupational Health
Bob Finkelstein '78


Health Administration
Joseph Nessim '05, M.S.'10

Bob Tarlau '65

La Raza Alumni
Jes Barajas '80 

Mike Bloch '89

Alumni-Picture-Chapter-Christine Soderlund
Masters in Business
Christine Soderlund 93, '99

Masters in
Mitzuko Osuna '11

 Masters in
Social Work
Luis Curiel '03, M.S.W.'08

Dana Armendariz '92 

Alumni-Picture-Chapter-Lorraine Macnaughton
Physical Therapy
Lorraine Macnaughton '83

Laura Nixholm '89

Public Health
Kelley Cooper '10

Radiologic Sciences
Bob Ortego '85



Honorary and Emeriti Board Members

Alumni-Picture-BOD-Howard Hammer

 Howard Hammer
'65 B.S. Accounting

Alumni-Picture-BOD-Annette Nickell

Annette Nickell
'79 French

Alumni-Picture-BOD-Jacqueline Young

Jacqueline Young
'79, '93 M.A. English

 Brent Lowensohn
'70 B.A. Psychology
John Jacobson
'76 M.S. Accounting
Marla Leventhal
’74 B.A. Anthropology

Alumni-Picture-BOD-Edward Peckham

 Edmund Peckham
Emeritus Faculty
and Administrator
Honorary Member

Past Presidents
of the
also serve as
emeriti board

Past Alumni Association Presidents

The Past Presidents of the Alumni Association serve as emeritus members of the Board of Directors.

Join the Board

Board volunteers are expected to attend board of directors meetings, serve on Association committees, attend events sponsored by the Association, join as a dues-paying member of the Association, be available to the university to host official guests on an as needed basis, and make a personal financial donation to the university. Prospective board members are interviewed and appointed each June. Board members serve a three year term. Additional information about service on the board of directors can be requested from Shellie Hadvina, Interim Director for Alumni Relations.

Each year, hundreds of CSUN alumni volunteer to serve the university. Explore volunteer opportunities.