Physicists are always busy working on research into new and exciting areas of science, and the faculty and students of CSUN are no different.
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SPS Feeds

Brighter and faster: The promise and challenge of the x-ray free-electron laser

06/29/2015 11:45 PM

Starting with the Linac Coherent Light Source in 2009, free-electron lasers are using x rays in new ways. Early results are wowing scientists the world over.

A half century of density functional theory

06/29/2015 11:45 PM

Today’s most popular method for calculating the electronic structure of atoms, molecules, liquids, solids, and plasmas began as a bold hypothesis: The electron density distribution completely characterizes the ground state of a many-electron system.

SPS Movie Nights

Time and location: 8:00pm in the Bianchi Planetarium
(north of the science buildings, across from the Student Union.)

Next movie: TBD (Fall 2011)