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You may be asking yourself, "What is the Society of Physic Students? Who are the people involved, and what can they do for me?"
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The bicentennial of Francis Ronalds’s electric telegraph

01/27/2016 11:31 PM

Decades before the work of Samuel Morse, a young Englishman laid out his vision for a future world of telecommunication.

Sensing deep-ocean temperatures

01/27/2016 11:31 PM

Though not yet widely implemented, the technique of monitoring the ocean’s warming via changes in the speed of sound through the water is a powerful complement to the more common tools available: free-floating thermometers and altimetry satellites.

SPS Movie Nights

Time and location: 8:00pm in the Bianchi Planetarium
(north of the science buildings, across from the Student Union.)

Next movie: TBD (Fall 2011)