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I. Developing Scientific Literacy

II. Developing Scientific Reasoning

III. Developing Scientific Understanding

IV. Developing Scientific Problem Solving

V. Developing Scientific Research Skills

VI. Resources for Teaching Science

Cigarette Ads

See CSCS Activity

Critically analyze five or more modern cigarette advertisements. 

  1. Describe the visual messages associated with the advertisements and
  2. identify the inferences advertisers probably want consumers to make.  
  3. Evaluate these unwritten claims in light of evidence.  For example, an advertisement may show business executives smoking around a conference table,  creating the impression that smoking is a way to relate in the business world.  Evidence, however, shows that large numbers of major corporations are “smoke-free” and even subsidize clinics and support groups to assist employs “kick the habit”. 
  4. Make advertisements that tell of the health-related risks.

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